How To: Beautiful Ponytail Braid

In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to braid your ponytail.


Greetings. I’m here today with a hair braid tutorial. This braid is suitable for people who want to have a ponytail and want it to have some sort of design instead of being a plain one.

We’ve done our ponytail and wrapped a layer of hair around the base of the ponytail. I’ll separate a layer of hair and divide it into three smaller sections. I’ll bring it to the left side and braid it. While braiding the hair layer, pick another layer of hair from the left side, add it to the current layer, and keep braiding the hair. Now add another layer from the right side and braid.

Now leave the hair at the left side alone and only add new layers from the right. Pick your new layers from the surface of the hair and on the side. Continue until the end. Make sure the braid isn’t too tight. This braid is finished here, but we want to take another layer from the other side and pull it through our braid and make another braid on the right side.

Separate another layer and make sure they are thin. Pull them through the previous layers and bring them to the right side. Take another layer and take it through the next layer of hair. Then for each layer in the braid, there should be another layer going through it and to the right side. Now start braiding the hair from the right side.

Take the last layer of hair on the right side, separate it into three smaller layers, and start braiding. Take each layer of hair you pulled through the braid during the last step and add it to the left side of the hair layer you’re working on. Tie the hair tight at the end.

Our braid is over. We can open and tidy up the braid with our fingers and widen the braid a little. Tie the hair at the end using a hairband and you can use little flower decorations inside your braid if you like. I hope you have enjoyedthis tutorial. Goodbye.

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