How To: Face Contouring & Highlights

In this tutorial, you will learn more about contouring and highlighting techniques. This video was provided by Mrs. Arezou Shafi’e from Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Salon.


Face highlight and contouring is an advanced makeup method for professionals. This method is used whenever we want to embolden angles or parts of the face. When you apply your cream powder across the face, it loses its angles and areas that are more prominent become flat and expressionless. Using contouring can help us recover the natural beauty of the face in a meaningful and delicate manner. With the right and professional contouring, you can even change some aspects of the face beyond what it naturally looks like.

The opposite of contouring, which is darkening some parts of the face, is highlighting, which means lightening the areas and is usually used to hide darker areas such as under the eyes, cheeks and above the lips. Using contouring and highlighting techniques, you can have beautiful makeup. To learn more about this method, please watch the rest of this video.

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