How To: Full Facial Makeup Tutorial

Due to the fact that Grime makeup is totally different from ordinary beauty makeup in the way it is applied, thus before everything you are required to get thorough information of the client’s skin type as well as a stronger foundation.
When applying the foundation, you are allowed to blend different colours of the same brand but not colours of various brands.
In order to learn more about this technique follow the tutorial guide below.


Hello everyone, This is Hosna Ghaderi, the director of Ghaderi beauty salon. Today I'm here to perform a full facial make-up, So I'll be glad to have you watching us. well, before we get started, we must first find out what type of skin the client has: oily, dry or combination. by the way, we'll have to check the oil-producing areas to see how oily it is. This client's skin is relatively oily. In grime makeup techniques, which are pretty different from beautymakeup, a strong foundation is required. so that it makes the face well prepared. first of all, thoroughly cleanse the skin using a suitable cleanser. I'll decide what type of primer to use based on how oily the skin is, this skin is oily but has no open pores. I'll prefer to use silicon primers for this skin.

You don't have to necessarily spread the primer all over the face. though many do it mistakenly. We must use our fingers to spread primer on the face. that 's because the fingers' heat will help to a better absorption so we won't use any kind of blender or brush. We must wait for five minutes to see how the skin responds to this primer before we can move on to apply the foundation. well, note that we can blend several various colours of the same brand to use for the foundation. but we shouldn't blend colours of different brands because each has different amounts of fat and collagen. remember that the foundation is applied to the face using a brush and then faded with Beauty Blenders. make sure the blender is damp enough. there are different techniques in applying make-up depending on whether you wish to do light make-up or heavy cinematic make-up.

Or even a kind of make-up that totally changes the look. wherever you use the beauty blender, remember to use it twice and of course in tapping motions. go a bit further below the chin and under the jaws. after we've applied the foundation which provides collagen for the skin, then we go for contouring. while some beauticians prefer to the contouring first. well I need to point out that It's just the matter of taste in art, therefore many might have different tastes and techniques in how to do this task. I'll start the contouring now. now I'm fading the contoured parts. just note that we should fade the contouring lines in a way that it makes them fairly invisible. Grime makeup cosmetics are entirely different from those for beautymakeup. thus the contoured parts must be faded shortly. after fading, we'll start applying the concealer to around the eyes.

We must use a concealer which is for Grime purposes not for makeup. in order to make a quite clear blend without leaving fading lines, we have to use silicon blending pads. now gently try to make the tops of chicks a bit brighter. as for Grime makeup, we shouldn't alter the colour of the face so much. while some beauticians use a brush when fading the nose, but I prefer not. For brighter areas, we use fixing powders with brighter colours. and leave it on for a few minutes. so that it absorbs the excess fat. and also gives a velvet opaque effect to the makeup. note that we use bent end brushes. darker areas will receive darker colour powders. first apply in tapping motion before fading it. If it's not applied in tapping motions, it leaves lines on the face once it's faded. the shadow on the lids are also applied in tapping motion so that it provides a better glitter.

Remember that if we like to have an eyeline, we won't need to fade the shadows. We can have the shadows growing from dark to bright by fading them all together. in this step, I'm preparing the lashes to receive mascara. keep in mind that in Grime makeup, we mostly use fading techniques rather than linear ones. now we go for the brows hachure. For young faces like this, we usually use techniques which provides fairly natural effect for the face. in these techniques, it's essential to first apply the mascara and then 4D and 5D false lashes are used. that's because it makes the eyes look more attractive. after the mascara, we'll apply the false lashes. I've picked a natural 5D one. We now use the highlighter to make the cheeks look more prominent.

Remember that you must further fade the highlighted areas to get more shining effect. after we've put the lip line, apply the lipstick. many prefer to apply the liquid lipstick with a different pen, while it doesn't matter, however if you learn how to use its own pen properly,you won't need to use any other. we're now actually doing an Ombré lip. that is to make the lips look plumper. also this techniques is mostly used for Grime makeup. as well as for those who are into opaque lips. well, we're done with this Grime makeup item, I hope you found it useful. To join our classes or receive any beauty treatment, you can dial the phone numbers provided. we'll be glad to see you here, Good Luck.

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