How To: Microneedling Using Meso Therapy

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Greetings. I'm doctor Reza'i, CEO of Behsima cosmetic care institute, and today I want to talk to you about Microneedling using Meso needling technic. In this technic Meso drugs are used to reduce aging. At the same time, Microneedling will also be performed on the patient.

As we saw, first the patient was injected under the skin in a few places with Meso therapy drug to help minimize the aging effect and get rid of wrinkles. After that, we used our cartridge which contains a head with 36 needles and a penetration depth of 0.5 millimeters with medium speed. When using the cartridge, keep it vertically on the skin. There's no need to apply pressure and the movement of the hands must be slow. This will allow the needles to reach all parts of the skin equally. Keep the needle on the skin only as long as a faint redness of blood appears.

As was stated before, all parts of the skin must be engaged equally. you might see small spots of blood on some parts sooner than others. We're only allowed to keep working with the cartridge only as long as blood has not appeared on the skin.

This is a good method to reduce aging and remove wrinkles. It can also help make your skin clearer, close pores and reduce oiliness. Microneedling is also used to remove scars in different parts of the body.

You can use Mesotherapy drugs in two different ways. This was shown in the previous shot. You can either inject the drug directly into the Dermis or just add the drug on the surface of the skin while working with the cartridge, so the drug will be injected in the process. You can use your cartridge to move with different patterns. You can use linear movements, move in loops or just touch the areas you want to affect. For areas where the skin is thinner or easily irritated, you can touch the skin with the needle. For bigger surfaces, you can use a loop pattern. For areas where you need to move in a direction, you can use a linear pattern.

For my client here, I only worked on the cheekbones. Based on where the lesion you want to treat is located, you can only focus on that part. There's no need to use this method across the whole face if there's a lesion limited to a small part.

After the procedure is over, you should point out what the client should pay attention to in order to minimize side effects. There should be no contact with washing products for at least two days. No makeup can be used for up to one week. Also, facial scrubs or skin lightening creams can't be used. Use of colorless sunscreens, moisturizing creams, protective products is advised based on the doctor's opinion. The client should also avoid being in direct contact with sunlight.

After the Microneedling process is over, wait a few moments until the Mesotherapy product is absorbed by the skin. If you think it's necessary, wash the skin with a sterile serum. Here we've also Applied zinc cream. If the client doesn't attend to the aftercare procedures, there's a chance that there will be side effect especially PIH, which are dark spots formed on the skin due to skin damage and could be permanent.

A microneedling procedure is usually done once a month and should be repeated from 4 to 6 times. After these sessions, there should be a 70 percent improvement in the area of the lesion. Microneedling must be done in a proper clinical environment, and overseen by a doctor.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Behsima cosmetic care Institute offers courses on cosmetic skin care and proper hygiene in laser operations. These courses include workshops and at the conclusion of the course, an official certificate is also provided. These certificates can be used internationally.

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