How To: Professional Bridal Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you will learn more about highlights and contouring techniques while we show you a short tutorial of face makeup. This video was provided by Gelaris Beauty Academy.


In professional makeup, we can use contouring and highlighting techniques to embolden or hide parts of the face to design beautiful makeup.

You have to consider a few factors during your professional makeup. Mix your light and dark creams and powders so that there are no lines between the shades. Use perspective and design rules to hide or correct the defects on the face. Light colors make parts of the face look bigger, bolder, and more prominent. Darker shades make the different parts of the face look smaller, shorter, or less eye-catching. Strobing techniques use shining colors and powders to add shine to areas of the face. The techniques used here are different from the ones used for highlights and contours and don’t include different light or dark shades.

In this video, we will present you with a step by step process of face makeup.

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