What Is PhiBrows Micro-Blading?

In this brief video, you’ll watch a complete Micro-blading process in action by Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


What’s the eyebrow pigmentation process with PhiBrows standard?
In Darya Clinic, we use the most up to date techniques for Micro-pigmentation to provide you with the best pigmentation services and experience possible. Our professional team will ensure a hygienic environment and a healthy and hygienic pigmentation process for the clients.

What’s Micro-blading or PhiBrows?
With the advances in cosmetic field, new techniques were introduced to change and improve tattoo processes done for cosmetic reasons. Even though tattoos are essentially still the same, there are small changes that make a big difference in the outcome and the experience of this process. One of the recent tattoo and hachure methods is Micro-blading. We will talk about this process more in this brief video.

In a Micro-blading process, we combine the two techniques of drawing natural looking lines in the eyebrow and shading, to add volume to the eyebrows while preserving the natural look. In this process, we create thin lines similar to natural hair on the crown and above the eyebrows, and implement shading from the tail to the middle of the eyebrows. This will reduce the effect of volume loss in these areas.

Differences between Micro-blading and tattoos.

Micro-blading is also a method for tattooing, but it’s different from many aspects. In contrast with the old tattoo methods, here you can use a non-electronic tool to design very thin, hair-like lines manually. In addition, since the pigmentations are added in the Epidermis layer, which is a superficial layer, it would be much easier to erase them. In this method, erratic lines are drawn between the eyebrows to add volume and help make them look natural and beautiful.

What can prohibit a Micro-blading process?
Since hormone levels change during the monthly cycle, pregnancy, and while lactating, it’s better not to go through this process at these stages.

It’s recommended not to opt for this procedure if you use blood diluting drugs. This method is not recommended for people suffering from Epilepsy, or skin diseases.

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