How To: Simple Low Chignon Bun

In this tutorial, you will learn a simple low bun chignon.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hairstyle expert and instructor. Today I’m here with a chignon tutorial.

The chignon we are going to see today can be used both on brides and on regular receptions. It’s a type of low bun chignon. I’ve separated a part of the hair and closed the lower part using a hairband. I’ve also separated the front part of the hair.

I’ll separate a layer from the top of the crown and tease it a bit. We can use volume powders or styling sprays between the layers of hair as well. Brush the surface of the hair and then split the layer into three parts. Now start braiding the hair. After doing your simple braid, loosen the braid knots. Use a hair band to tie the hair at the end. Put this one aside and move to the lower part you tied in a ponytail.

Separate a layer and tease it thoroughly. Brush it to make it smooth. You can also use a shine spray to soften the hair. We can use a hairpin here to fix the hair. Wrap the hair here like this. Brush the rest of the hair, wrap it around the previous part, and use a hairpin to fix it. I’ll separate another part of the hair and use my hair spray. Brush the hair smooth, wrap it around the previous layer, and use a hairpin to fix it. Use another hairpin to fix the tail and use styling spray. I’ll wrap the next layer around the previous twists as well but in the opposite direction. Wrap it around the previous layer and use a hairpin to fix the hair at the end.

Bring the braided layer, wrap it around the previous twists and then use a hairpin to fix it in place. Separate another part of the hair, widen it on the side. You can either take the hair and push it behind the Chanel in the back or bring it over and cover around the bun with it. I’ll separate another layer from the side and apply some shine spray on the hair. I can put it right over the previous layer and use a hairpin to fix it. We can bend and twist the rest of the hair and put it inside the previous layers and use a hairpin to fix it.

Separate another layer of hair like this, pull it over the hair and apply some styling spray. The next part is the same, I’ll brush it, apply some shine spray. We can take it over or under the previous layers depending on what you prefer, and which parts are emptier. I prefer to bring it over my chignon and wrap around right here.

This tutorial is now over. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You can join our private and beginner classes by contacting us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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