What Is Micro-Scalp

In this brief tutorial, we explain the Micro-scalp process and explain the most important points about the procedure.


Micro scalp is a new method to treat people who are suffering from hair loss. This method falls under the category of tattoo methods and treats the problem by applying hachures to the surface of the scalp. Stay with us to learn more about this method.

Micro-scalp, like Micro-pigmentation and Micro-blading, falls under the category of tattoo methods. The difference is that his method is applied to the surface of the scalp to mimic hair strands. This method is mostly useful for people suffering from Alopecia, scars, or chronic hair loss.

There are a few point to note about after-care procedures you should know. You should not shower for three days after the Micro-scalp process. To remove oil from scalp for people with oily skins, you could use disinfectants or alcohol. You should stay away from direct sunlight for a few days after the procedure.

People, who are interested in learning more about Micro-scalp procedures, can join our classes taught by well-known expert and instructor Mrs. Narges Alipour.

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