Correct Methods For Nail Design

In this tutorial, you will learn the correct way to apply powder to nails. This video was provided by Sharareh vahedi Beauty Salon. To book our services or join our classes, please contact us at 09198486797,


Greetings. Today I want to talk to you about a concept nail designs. To be more exact, we are going to cover the correct method for applying powders on the nail.

The first thing we need to do to have a suitable nail for our work and to make sure there is no air infusion is a good manicure. Let’s start our manicure process by using a pusher to remove the cuticles from the surface of the nail as much as possible. After a basic manicure, we are going to scrub the area around the nail and.
Then get the nail surface ready to apply the material. If this process is done correctly, it will prevent air infusion.

Since my client has long nails, we don’t need to use tips or formers. We will just cover their natural nails and I will explain the process of powder application on these nails. Use a manual or electric scrub to roughen the surface of the nail. This will remove the oil from the nail and you don’t need to overdo the scrubbing since it can make the nails sensitive. Just scrub the nail long enough to remove the oil. Apply your anti-fungus material. Next, apply your primer. Make sure not to apply the primer to the tissue around the nail, since some primers contain acidic substances that can damage the tissue.

Now we have to apply the powder. Make sure your brush is wet enough and your powder is not too diluted or too pasty. It shouldn’t be so diluted that it would start dripping, or so pasty that you can’t form it on the nails. Since this nail is natural, I start at the tip. Now I can add a bit more powder at the point where the previous material covered. Put the second batch of material a bit further from the first one. Clean your brush and use it to distribute the material on the nail toward the tip until it’s evenly distributed across the nail.

Remember not to put the brush inside the powder container. Instead, use the side of the brush to pick some of the material. To add material near the root, I will apply the material using my brush away from the root and then use the tip of the brush to push the powder closer to the root. Make sure the material isn’t in contact with the cuticles. This is one of the major cause of air infusion.

After adding the material on the nail, we can start scrubbing it. What’s important with scrubbing is to create the initial frame of the nail using the manual scrub. This will enable us to identify the places that require more work using manual or electric scrub and we can decide which parts we need to keep and which parts we need to scrub away. After the initial stage of scrubbing, we can start scrubbing around the nail. We will use an electric brush for the part. This process is important because if we don’t do this, it can cause air infusion and chip later. This process is called sealing.

After the sealing process, use a manual scrub to frame the nail again. Use the scrub to polish the surface of the nail. If you pay attention to the way I’m holding the scrub and hold it the same way, it could help make the process much easier. Now, buff the nail using a buffer to make the surface smoother. These nails are now ready for a Gelish or shine to be applied to them, or you could just apply a simple layer of nail polish.

While applying your gel, make sure it doesn’t touch the cuticles or the tissue around the nail. Applying the products on the tissue around the nail cause a bump later on when the nail grows longer and will cause chipping and air infusion. After applying the gel, put the hand under UV light. Based on the information on the gelish package, you should put your hand under LED light from thirty seconds to ninety seconds and from one minute to two minutes under UV light.

Our work is done here. As you can see we applied powder and nail polish on two of the nails. The difference between the nails is visible in the clip.

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