How To: Makeup Foundation For Dry Skin

In this brief tutorial, you will see how to prepare dry skin for makeup. This video was provided by Grimas academic center. To contact our academic department please call 021 49163000 and to contact our sales department please call 0912 6954939.


To clean dry skin, first, we have to use our makeup remover. Add some makeup remover to a clean pad and start cleaning the face with it. You should let the makeup remover remain on the skin for ten minutes. It will deliver essential oils and nutrition to your skin.

Our next step is to use a multi remover, which is a two-phased product and will moisturize the skin. Add some of it to your pad and massage the face with it. The multi remover can remain on the skin from two to five minutes. Now, we can use some cleansing lotion. Add some of it to your pad and start cleaning the face with it. It will control the PH levels of the skin and you only have to wait for it to dry off.

As our last step, we need to use a primer or base cream. It’s a form of moisturizer and you can use your finger or a spatula to apply some of it on the skin and then use a sponge to distribute it across the skin and wait for ten minutes.

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