Uses Of Micro-Pigmentation & Micro-Blading In Medicine & Cosmetics - Overview

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about the uses and practices of Micro-pigmentation and Micro-blading in cosmetics and medical field. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


Greetings. I’m Darya Hosseini. I’m a Micro-blading and Micro-pigmentation expert and instructor.

Micro-pigmentation and Micro-blading are used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. As an example for medical purposes, we can talk about cancer patients who have lost their eyebrow and eyelashes due to chemotherapy. In addition, these methods can come to the aid of people with breast cancer who have lost one or both breasts. It can be used to help people with alopecia areata or surgery scars. Using permanent makeup can help in all of these cases.

In the cosmetic field, it can be helpful for athletes who sweat a lot due to high activity and having makeup proves problematic for them. It’s useful for people with asymmetric eyebrows, or people who have a scar in their eyebrow to bring back their natural beauty and cover the defects. In addition, people with expressionless eyes can opt for permanent lash line pigmentation to give their eyes a more beautiful form. People who are hare lipped or have asymmetric lips can opt for Micro-pigmentation to correct these issues.

There’s a new method called a permanent powder cream. Using this method, you can create highlights on the skin using Micro-pigmentation. You can also hide acne and spots using Micro-pigmentation and permanent powder cream method.

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