Complete Overview Of Eyebrow Micro-Blading

In this tutorial, we cover a Micro-blading process from start to finish using PhiBrows techniques. This video was provided by Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


The design we are doing here is based on Pi and golden ratio. The space between the two eyebrows is based on the space between the two eyes. The distance between eyebrows and eyes depends on the distance between the lips and eyes or side of the nose and eyes. The shorter distance is from the side of the nose to the eyes.

The ruler we use here is based on the number Pi. We measure the distance from the crown of the eyebrow to the arch and then to the tail which should correspond the number Pi. When you want to indicate the second point of the eyebrow, you have to pay attention to the bone above the eyebrow. Use your pen to indicate the point and draw the tail of the eyebrow. To find the correct distance for the crown to the eyes, put your finger under the eye socket bone and then draw a line indicating the start of the eyebrow.

We’ve designed the eyebrow based on the natural shape and form of the face. We’ll correct the design a bit and then we can draw the other eyebrow and use an application to check for symmetry. As you can see, we can use this application to check if the eyebrows maintain symmetry. To preserve your design during operation, use a marker to mark the lines of the design. Try to use one set of gloves for your design, and another for your pigmentation process.

The color I’ve chosen for my client is brown one and brown two which are from PhiBrows colors. We’re going to use Micro-blading process to achieve our goal here. This type of hachure process is better done using Micro-blading technique. To increase the duration and lifecycle of the pigmentation and to increase its volume it’s better to use shading or Micro-pigmentation techniques as well.

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