How To: Foundation For Oil-Based Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your foundation for oil-based makeup. This tutorial was provided by Gimas academic center. To contact our academic center, please call 021 49163000 and to contact our sales department please call 0912 6954939.


To create your foundation for an oil-based makeup, you need to use camouflage, makeup cream, and cover cream. As you can see, I’ve mixed these three products on a glass palette. To make sure the resulting mixture is compatible with the natural color of the client’s face and neck, I used some of it on the lower part of the jaw bone.

To fade and distribute the product on the face, use IMO or FK5 brushes. The brush I’m using at the moment is the FK5 brush. Since the brush has a high density, it’s easy to fade and distribute the product on the face with it. After distributing the material, I’ll use a clean makeup foam to reduce the excess product on the skin.

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