Common Questions Regarding Micro-Scalp

In this tutorial, we will try to answer common questions regarding micro-scalp procedures. This video was provided by Mrs. Narges Alipour.


Greetings. Today I’m here to talk to about scalp pigmentation and answer some of the questions you’ve been asking through our social media pages and website.

First, let’s explain what the scalp is. The scalp is the area on top of the head starting from the hairline and ending in the back of the skull. Micro-scalp is the process of creating small and hair-like pigments on the scalp in order to create something similar to hair follicles.

Let’s see who is suitable for this process. People with chronic hair fall caused by hormone problems, inheritance, and anxiety or stress. Micro-scalp is suitable for all these people and they can use this method to cover the scalp. People who use Toppik or Postige and people with FUE or FUT scars caused by hair implant can go through this method if they aren’t satisfied with their hair volume.

Some people ask whether scalp pigmentation can cause further hair fall. Micro-scalp will not damage your hair or increase hair fall at all. Since the pigmentation is applied to the superficial layers of your tissue, it will also stimulate the hair roots and can even increase hair growth. This stimulation coupled with correct medicine and care can increase or onset hair growth. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about increased hair fall after your micro-scalp procedure.

The next question we are often asked is how long the pigmentation will last and how long the process takes. Micro-scalp usually lasts from one to two years, but the exact duration depends on skin type. This period is shorter for people with very oily skin. The pigmentation will not fade completely, rather it will fade away gradually and the effects will last from five to eight years. After the two-year period and when the pigmentation starts to fade away, you can do a restoration process.

Micro-scalp will take at least two to three sessions. This is to increase the density of the micro-scalp. It’s important to note that we will cover the whole scalp with pigmentation during the first session. The first session follows the same procedure as the first one and the point is to increase density and better pigmentation effect. This process usually takes from two to six hours depending on the area we have to cover.

People affected by rare diseases can also go through a micro-scalp process. For example, people go through chemotherapy and lose their hair can use micro-scalp to cover their head. This is also true for people with alopecia areata who are affected by local baldness and might lose all their hair after a time can also use micro-scalp. As I said, the process is applicable to most people with special diseases without any prohibitions.

A few of the substances that can reduce the life cycle of the process include coffee, green tea, ox tongue, and any type of vitamin specially iron tablets. Drugs like Aspirin, Warfarin, Rakuten and any form of antibiotics must wait for at least a week to ten days before implementing their micro-scalp process. Bodybuilding drugs and alcohol can also reduce the life cycle of the pigmentation. People who have any form of acne on the surface of their scalp, or have dandruff, must treat these problems first before applying for their micro-scalp procedure to make sure the pigmentation will last.

Some people experience color changes in their pigmentation after micro-scalp. If you employ the correct procedures to take care of your pigmentation and the correct methods are used during the process coupled with good quality material, you will never experience any color changes. People with very oily skin can wash their scalp with sea salt before the procedure to increase the life cycle of the pigments and prevent color changes. Sea salt will control and reduce skin oil on the scalp. People with very dry scalp or dandruff should try to solve these problems before opting for the micro-scalp procedure.

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