Overview Of Different Types Of Eyebrow Hachure

In this short tutorial, you will learn about different types of eyebrow Micro-blading and hachuring techniques. This video was provided by Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


Greetings. I’m Darya Hosseini. I’m a makeup and cosmetics expert. Today I’m here to talk to you about eyebrow hachures.

One of the most important elements in the face are the eyebrows, which frame your face. Everybody wants to have symmetric and beautiful eyebrows. Another issue is whether the eyebrows compliment their face or not. Using new methods, we can design eyebrows with attention to their face, size of their eyes, nose, and lips. We also consider the Golden Ratio and Pi in the design of eyebrows.

We can use tools such as special rulers and applications to design and correct for symmetry and fix it as permanent makeup. This will solve many problems like makeups fading, and the hardship of drawing your own eyebrows and choosing the right design to suit your face.

You can choose different types of hachure for yourself. You could have thicker hachures pointing upward which was an older technique where you could actually count the number of hachures. You could also have 3D hachures or highlights which is a white or dark colored line inside the eyebrows. These techniques are most suitable for people with older tattoos already on their eyebrows.

However, the latest generation of blading techniques are much thinner, look more natural, and are in harmony with the natural way eyebrow hair strands grow. As for durability, this type of hachure can last from six months to a year. The durability of the process depends on the recipient’s skin type. The dryer your skin, the higher the durability of the hachure. In addition, using darker colors for the process and having young skin can also increase the durability of your hachures.

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you. Until next time, goodbye.

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