Eyebrow Micro-Blading Overview

In this tutorial, you will see a complete overview of an eyebrow Micro-blading pigmentation. This video was provided by Mrs. Darya Hosseini.


Today we want to perform an eyebrow hachure on my client’s eyebrows.

This will be a frameless design. We have already designed the eyebrows, applied symmetry, and corrected for defects. However, we didn’t remove the unwanted hair using tweezers. This is because we don’t want to form a frame around the design, so the final result looks more natural. As you can see here, we have corrected for the roundness at the arch of the eyebrow during the design.

The color I’ve chosen is very similar to the natural color of my client’s eyebrow. Remember that you can’t use black for this type of pigmentation. You should always draw the hachure with the grain. It’s a mistake not to account for the natural way the hair grows in the eyebrows.

As you can see here, our eyebrow micro-blading process is over. We succeeded in adding very thin lines between the natural eyebrow hair strands. We also corrected the roundness at the arch of the eyebrow that the client didn’t like. Now we can apply a thin layer of recovery ointment on the eyebrows.

Thank you for watching. Until next time, goodbye.

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