Hair Extension Methods & Hair Types Explained

In this tutorial, you will learn more about different kinds of hair extensions and material used in the process. This video was provided by Mrs. Shabnam Hazrati from Setare Mohebi Beauty Salon.


Greetings. I’m Shabnam Hazrati. I’m here today with more than ten years of experience in the field of cosmetics from Setare Mohebi Beauty Salon. Today we want to talk about extensions and their types, structures, Keratin glue, and laser extensions.

Extensions can be made of natural or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair isn’t applicable in hair extensions, therefore we will only focus on natural hair. If you buy from well-known companies, you can be sure to receive good material and therefore perform a better extension process. I think the most important factor in a good hair extension is the quality of the material you’re using. Good material coupled with good execution will assure you of a good result. Companies like Socap, She, and Uzbek provide very good quality hair which then is packaged and sprayed with preservative material and turned into hair extensions.

To sterilize the hair, they will be put inside a furnace and then preservative material is added to them. This enables the client to use the extension for long durations of time without any type of damage. If you use cheap extensions or have them added to your hair for free or in cheap salons, know that there’s no guarantee that they might not damage your hair.

Now I want to tell you more about different hair extensions. These are hair samples from the Italian company “She”. Each of these extensions has a unique product number on the package that you can enter on the producer’s
website to get all the information you might need about the product including preservatives, type of hair and where it was produced. Extensions are widely used by women today. Extensions are suitable for people with short or thin hair who want to have longer hair and more beautiful. Nevertheless, it’s even useful for people with long hair who want to highlight their hair but don’t want chemicals to affect their hair or are allergic to them, they can use extensions instead to create that highlight effect.

Extensions for those who have short or very thin bangs can be used in thin or small layers of hair. It’s important to remember that we have many types of hair extensions and which type is more suitable for which person is a subject that we can explain in detail in our classes. Our products are usually from “Uzbek” and “She” brands. All of the products have preservatives added to them and you can use them with ease. These extensions come in different colors, hence there’s no need for a dye, and you can just choose any color of hair you want.

Until not a long time ago, women used ring hair extensions, which usually ended up cutting hair strands. We have a type of hair produced by the Italian brand “She” which are completely natural and you can use them while going for a dye or highlight your hair. There are used for laser extensions and you can use them for a long time. We also have another type of hair that is called tape extensions that we have already talked about in previous tutorials.

For a laser extension, the most important factor is the Keratin tips and type of glue used on the extension. These tips should be the same color as the hair. They should be the same colors and the hair and have the ability to absorb water and moisture to prevent the hair from decaying and rotting. This also helps makes the removal process easy. Make sure the hair you are using has an orderly and unified Keratin tip to help perform a good extension. There are many different types of glue for hair extension, but the best type is Keratin tips. A good tip won’t create a big dot on the extension point after it’s attached.

Now let’s talk a little about tape hair extensions. It’s very important to make sure that these extensions are also made from natural hair and include a guarantee. The glue is also very important. It should be the same color as the hair on one side and should not start getting loose after a week. There are some types of glue, which work by applying heat to them. Tape extension tips do not require heat. Under no circumstances should you apply heat to the tips. There have been instances where heat has been used and we had to cut the hair to remove the extension. The extension attachment shouldn’t be so strong as to require special tools or cutting the hair in order to be removed. These extensions are all made of natural hair and each layer is only used on hair that is strong enough so that the extension won’t pull the hair out.

Let’s talk a bit about taking care of your hair extension. Whether you’re using a laser hair extension, tape hair extension or a mix of the two methods, you should pay attention to a similar set of points to take care of your hair. You can use your general hair shampoo but only apply it to the root. You don’t need to wash the hair stems. You can still use your hair mask, conditioner, moisturizer, or serum. You must however always use moisturizer and serum on your hair as well as extensions since even the extension is still made of natural hair. These will help keep your hair healthy, shiny, and tangle-free. Make sure to tie or braid your hair before going to bed every night. Make sure to brush your hair before taking a shower. Do not brush your hair while it’s still wet and doesn’t pull on the roots. It’s better to even tie your hair during the day if you can and only open it when you can appreciate it and you’re not close to going to bed.

For a tape hair extension or laser hair extension, it’s much better if you brush your hair at least twice a month to make sure there are no tangles at the end of the hair stems and to make sure the glue points are not stuck together. Make sure not to heat your hair too much using a hair dryer or hair iron especially at the glue point. This will help you keep your hair extensions in good condition and will allow you to use it for a longer period. There are special brushes available, which are used specifically for hair with extension, be it, tape or laser hair extensions. You should use this type of brush starting from the root to allow the brush to untangle the hair at the tip of the hair or across the stem. If you use this type of brush, you can be sure not to have any issues with your hair.

Most women who come to us and as for an extension have thin or no hair around the temples and bangs. If you are in the same situation and are looking for an extension, make sure to choose a professional service that uses natural hair and uses laser hair extensions because synthetic hair can be too heavy and will damage the hair root. Make sure you are going through a laser hair extension, and the extension is being applied strand for the strand to hide the extension and have a much better-looking result. This will shorten the restoration period and if other extensions should be restored every three to five months, extensions for thin hair and strand for strand extensions should be restored once every one and a half or two months.

How you attach the extensions to the front section of the hair is very important. A professional can do this with ease and give you a good result. For a strand for strand extension, make sure to choose a professional salon to get the best possible results and keep your extension for a longer period. There are many places where you can purchase your hair extension material. However, I would recommend buying your extension material from the same place where you are planning to get your extension done. This will also get you a better guarantee. If you are buying on your own, make sure they represent a well-known company to make sure you’re getting a reliable guarantee.

If the hair is plastic or synthetic hair or if the glue isn’t made of quality material, there will be no guarantee that the extension will last or won’t damage your hair. A good extension hair should be made of natural human hair, it should have strands similar to your own hair, meaning it should have thick strands if your hair is thick and thin strands if they are thin. It’s also important that the hair is from high quality and well-known company such as “She” or “Socap”. You can find other companies by looking around on the internet.

I want to stress this one more time that it’s crucial to have a professional do your extension and preferably it’s even better if they represent a famous extension producer so they can perform the correct process. I’ve seen multiple incorrect extensions which will eventually make the client cut their hair because the glue was stuck together or the extension was low quality. This isn’t a process you can do at home by yourself. You should remember that damage to the hair roots is irreversible. This could cost you years of medical treatment and different products to fix the damage.

Thank you for being with us. To join our private and public classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description or on our website. You will receive a valid certificate at the conclusion of our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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