Easy & Beautiful Girly Makeup

In this brief video, we try to show you a girly and beautiful makeup.


If you spend a lot of time for you makeup every day and you’re still not happy with the results,
We recommend watching this short tutorial provided by Viona Beauty Academy. When doing your makeup, pay attention to these tips:
To do your eyeshadow, start at the outer edge of the eye and use darker shades first. Use lighter shades the closer you get to the inner edge of the eyes.

Use moisturizing cream before applying your powder creams to moisturize the skin thoroughly. Use fixing powders afterward to increase the durability of your makeup.

Always choose a lip liner color that is compatible with your lipstick. Always apply your lip liner across the lip first and then put a tissue on your lips to wipe the excess lipstick after applying it. Now apply your lipstick one more time.

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