Overview Of Ombre & Highlight Techniques

In this tutorial, you can see an overview and explanation of highlighting techniques. To order Val var products contact 02188850226 and to join our classes please contact us at 09375145783.



I’m Anousha Shafi’e and I’m an instructor at Shaygan Shokooh Beauty Academy. In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you a European dye that is popular these days.

First, we must separate the hair correctly. Separate the crown in an oval until you reach the back of the head. Separate the hair on the ears in direct lines and hold the hair with hair clips. Separate the hair in the back in two parts in a direct line and hold the hair with hair clips.

I’ve mixed 9 percent oxidant and my organic decoloring powder both from Val var products. Some of our viewers have noted that metal bowls and other tools should not be used to mix bleaching material. This bowl is not made of any sort of metal alloy and it actually specifically designed to be used for this purpose. Notice that my material is not too diluted. Let’s move on to applying the material and wrapping the hair in foil.

I’ve separated a layer of hair from the back of the head in a zigzag style. Now let’s apply the product to the lowest layer of hair and wrap it in foil. Start adding the product to the middle of the layer so you don’t add the bulk of the product close to the root and prevent leakage. The foil I’m using is a special type of foil with a layer of glue at the top part that can prevent leakage and increase the heat as well. Put the second layer of foil on top of the first one and wrap the foil on both sides. You can apply your highlights one layer in between. Meaning you can skip applying the product to the next layer on move one layer further. This depends on how you want the hair to look like.

If the client prefers to apply the highlight across all the lower layers of her hair, tease the hair for the next layer from the point you want to apply the highlight. Since the type of foil I used, in the beginning, produces too much heat, I’m going to use a simple one for this layer. Just keep in mind that since the heat decreases in normal foil, you have to put a thinner layer of hair between this foil to get the same level of bleach as you did with the first foil wrap. Let’s put this layer of hair on a simple layer of foil and apply products on the hair the same way you would in any traditional Ombre highlight. Bend your foil like this. The next layer of hair will also be separated into a waterfall style and put on foil.

If the client doesn’t like to have the highlight applied across the whole hair,
Then you can skin the next layer you separated in a waterfall style and tease the layer after that. Imagine the client doesn’t want to highlight the whole hair. Separate layers of hair from the batch like this. Put this layer of hair inside foil and leave the rest of it aside. The layer you’re going to separate now requires teasing. Let’s teas it like this. It depends on the client how far or how close to the root you tease. If this is enough, then apply the product and wrap it in traditional foil as I told you using the same techniques you use with Ombre. Keep in mind the layer should be very thin so you can get the level of bleach you want.

We’ve gone through the layers in the back on both sides like I explained until reaching the crown. Separate a layer of hair diagonally from the side and separate few layers like a waterfall and wrap it in foil. As I said before if the client would like to have a few layers without highlights,
Then we can keep this part outside of the foil, otherwise, we have to tease the hair and wrap it in foil. I’ve put the first two layer inside a foil wrap. I’m going to explain again that if the client wants a layer without highlight, put it aside, otherwise tease the hair from where the client wants and put a very thin layer inside your foil for your Ombre.

Be careful not to create lines on the hair when bleaching and remember the key to reaching the level of bleach you want is keeping your layer as thin as possible. Many of our students ask that their foil wrap slips down when using traditional foil. It’s very important not to add too much product on the foil and the material should not be too diluted. You can bend the foil on the side as well to prevent it from moving at all. I will wrap the rest of the hair inside foil like this.

For the bangs, you can separate the hair into three parts and wrap it in foil, or if the forehead is wider, you can separate the hair into four parts. Put one layer inside of foil and tease the other one and if you want, you can leave one layer out and wrap the other one in foil. When you wrap the lower layer in foil, the distance with the root of hair decreases, but if you put the top layer in foil, the distance to the root increases. Generally, the client prefers the highlight to be closer to the root as much as possible. Apply your product, wrap the foil, and tease the next layer. Tease the next layer as you did the rest of them and apply your Ombre techniques.

When you’ve wrapped all the layers of hair inside your foils and the hair has reached its bleaching level, rinse the hair. Here you should not use conditioners but this will cause a problem with teased parts of the hair. Here you can use Val var hair masks so you can untangle and brush the parts you teased. Now you can start applying your dye from the back of the head. You can choose your color depending on the level of your bleach. Dye the hair and wait a while for it to take effect and then rinse the hair and apply Val var’s conditioner to close the hair follicles. This is an important step to a successful dye. Now you can use Val var’s hair mask once more. Let the product remain on the hair for 10 minutes and then rinse the hair again.

I hope this tutorial has been useful to you. I hope you choose Val var products and enjoy their quality. Thank you for using Val var products. Until next time, goodbye.

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