How To: Baby Lights Using Ombre Techniques

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Greetings. I’m Anousha Shafie. I’m here today with a new tutorial. Many women would like their hair to have an Ombre or highlight effect without it being too obvious or out there. Today I’m going to use a simple technique to create a baby light Ombre.

For this technique, we can use this tool, which I’ve made. I call it a hair disk, a few years ago, I made a tutorial about it, and many of our viewers loved it. This tool will help you work faster and implement the technique with more precision. Put the disk on the client’s head, wrap the layers on the top, and let a few layers of hair to remain around the head in triangle shapes hold in place using hair clips. Since I’ve explained this tool in details before, I’m only going to show you the technique here.

Using the tool you can separate the hair into ten different major parts, whereas if you go with a normal technique of hair separation, you can only separate the hair diagonally into double sections. This will increase your speed dramatically and during busy hours up to three people can work on the same person.

Tease one of the layers and after separate smaller sections in the form of a waterfall. Put the layer you separated into a foil and let the rest of the hair remain outside of foil. Therefore, you don’t have to use the next layer as a free layer since we have already let some of the hair remain outside of the foil in this layer. After separating the hair in a waterfall style, tease the hair thoroughly so you’re left with a very thin layer of hair so the result is a thin layer of highlighted hair. As you can see, we have some distance from the root. You can control this distance by changing the way you tease the hair.

Put the hair on the foil and add the products using Ombre techniques. Apply the product vertically to avoid forming lines on the hair. Wrap your foil around the hair, open another layer of hair, tease it and separate the waterfall lines. Then put it on the foil and apply your product just like we did here. It’s even possible to first open all the lines of hair and tease then and separate the waterfall and then move on to applying the product.

After putting all the hair around the head inside foil layers and applying your product, you should separate a layer of hair from the top and put them on the previous layers around the head. Imagine if both of these layers are already wrapped inside a foil layer,
Then you should tease the third layer and put it inside a foil wrap. Continue this method until you have applied the product across the hair.

Without the hair disk, it could take more than one hour to separate the hair, tease and apply the product and foil. However, using this tool, it can increase the speed of your work since the hair is now formed into a circle. This will help you attend to more clients during your workday and your clients will be happier since you can service their requests faster.

Now you have to check the hair. If they need more products added to them, then you shall do that. Nevertheless, if you have reached the level of highlight or Ombre that you wanted, you can remove the hair disk and rinse the hair. Apply a moisturizing mask to the hair to untangle the hair. Remember not to use a conditioner, because it can close the hair follicles, the hair won’t be able to absorb the dye, and you will lose the dye after two or three times of shampooing. After untangling the hair, separate the hair into two-centimeter long layers starting at the back of the hair. Apply your dye using 1.0 or 0.5 oxidants. You can be sure that the wet hair won’t change in color. Wait until the dye takes effect based on the dye you’ve chosen. Rinse the hair again and make sure to use conditioner and hair mask. This process will result in a beautiful baby light in a very short time.

I hope this fast technique using hair disk has been useful to you. This tool can help you serve many more customers on busy days. I hope to see you all in our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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