How To: Eyebrow & Eye Makeup Techniques

In this video, you’ll learn how to apply makeup to face and eyes using Grimas products. To contact our academic department contact 021 49163000 and to order Grimas product please contact 0912 6954939.


In this tutorial, we want to talk to you about shadows. You have to use camouflage, makeup cream, and M and MS brushes. As you can see, I’m using my spatula to scrub some light colored camouflage products and put all three of them on my glass palette. Use makeup creams or cover creams to soften them and then mix them using your spatula. Use an M or MS brush to apply it on the skin and reduce excess material using a latex sponge.

We use water makeup to apply shadows. My water makeup number is 1040 and I use a wet MR4 brush to apply the shadow on the eyelids. Apply your design according to the natural form of the eyes and then fade them. In the next step, apply some fixing powder using a latex pad to prevent shadow materials from leaking to other areas and then use your shadow material.

For this step, we are going to use three types of shadows. Pearlite shadow rouge, eyeshadow rouge, and pearlites. I’m going to apply my pearlite shadow rouge using a V10 brush below the eyebrows. Also, use eyeshadow rouge in the same area using the same brush and fade the colors into each other. As you can see, we are using the colors starting from the lighter shades to the darker ones so the fading process is easier.

We can use our PR1 brush for darker shades. As you can see, I can easily smear this brush in my dark colors, apply them to the outer edge of the eye, and fade them with the rest of the colors. To draw our eyeliner, we need our dark eyeshadow rouge and cleaning lotion. Scratch some of your eyeshadow rouge with a spatula,
Then mix it with some cleansing lotion and then draw your eyeliner with an MR2 brush.

Next, use a black mascara from Grimas. Add some of it to the eyelashes to form them. Next, it’s time to attach your fake lashes. Use some glue to attach your fake lashes to the eyes. To hide the root of the fake lashes, apply some black eyeliner on the root. To make the eyes look more beautiful, use an eyeliner pen number 101 inside the eyes.

In the end, use IMW16 wide brush to remove the fixing powder from under the eyes. Now let’s work on the eyebrows. We need eyeshadow rouge and cleansing lotion. Scratch some of the eyeshadow rouge in the color that you want and mix it with a small amount of cleansing lotion. Apply the mixture to the eyebrows using the MR or MS family of brushes. To add a highlight to the eyebrows, you can use a tanned polish. Add some tanned polish from your favorite color to a brush. Brush the eyebrows using this technique. This will give the eyebrows a beautiful halo.

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