How To: Permanent Lash Line & Eyeliner Pigmentation

In this brief tutorial, we will show you a permanent eyeliner and lash line pigmentation process in action. This video was provided by Dr. Rezae from Behsima Cosmetic Academy. To join our classes or to book our services, please contact us at 02177801219 or 02144017715.


Greetings. I’m Rezae, administration at Behsima Cosmetic Academy. I’m a micro-pigmentation expert and instructor. I’m here today with a tutorial on lash pigmentation and eyeliners.

We want to perform lash line pigmentation and permanent eyeliner procedures for our client here. My client has gone through an eyeliner pigmentation before, but it’s too light and thin. Therefore, we are going to restore the eyeliner and change the design and make it a bit wider. It’s better if a lash line pigmentation is also applied to make the eyes look better.

Apply local anesthetics for thirty minutes on upper and lower eyelids. Be careful not to let anesthetic drugs enter the eyes. We’ve used black as our main color plus 1/8 orange neutralizer to prevent color changes in the future. The suitable cartridge for this process is the number three power cartridge with a penetration depth of 0.5 millimeters and at medium speed. Keep in mind that hand pressure must be very gentle to prevent color diffusion. Don’t pull the eyelids too much.

To clean the extra ink, scrub the eyes gently starting the inner edge of the eyes towards the outer edge. Explain the recovery process to the client after the procedure is done. Using washing detergents are prohibited for 48 hours after the process. Don’t use eyemakeup products for one week. Use Gentamicin and vitamin A eye ointments three times a day for a week. If there’s any inflammation or irritation inside the eyes, the client can use Naphazoline eye drops three times a day for three days.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We hope to see you in our classes at Behsima Cosmetic Academy.

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