Easy Low Chignon Bun

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn an easy new low chignon bun.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Ebrahimpour. I’m a hair, makeup, and chignon expert. I’m here today with another chignon tutorial.

The chignon we are going to do today is a simple one, mainly done using tools. I’ve added a prosthetic below the hair and separated part of the hair. I want to work on the side and front of the hair and use tools to decorate the hair on the prosthetic. I’ve separated part of the hair and left out a thin layer. I’ve brushed the surface of the hair. Let’s apply some styling spray. Smooth and widen the hair with your hand. Fix the hair here.

Tease the layer underneath. Widen it, brush the surface, and apply some styling spray. Widen it a bit more with your hand. Add a hairpin to the hair and twist the hair around your hairpin. Put the rest of the hair on the prosthetic. Line the hair up with the other layer on the side. Brush the rest of the hair and add it to the rest of the hair and use hair sticks to hold the hair down and apply some styling spray to hold the hair in place.

Take the hair on the right and pull it towards the prosthetic in the back. Use a hair clip to hold it down. Brush the hair. You can even use shine spray if you like. Apply some shine spray, brush it again, go around the sticks, and widen it. Apply styling spray, brush the hair and put it under your prosthetic. Apply some more styling spray to smooth the hair. We can use hairpin instead of hair clip in your hair and remove the hair clip.

Brush the hair that is hanging freely, use your tools, wrap the hair around it, and then apply some styling spray. Use your brush to smooth the hair and apply some more styling spray. You can twist the hair around another stick as well, twist the tip back up, and then spray it. I’ll use hairpins under the hair because I want to remove the sticks and we don’t want the hair to loosen up.

This chignon tutorial is over. I hope you have enjoyed it. To join our beginner and advanced classes, please call us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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