How To: Apply Cheekbone Blusher

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply cheekbones using Grimas products. To call our academic department, please contact 02149163000, and to contact our sales department please call 09126954939.


In this short tutorial, we want to talk about cheek blushers. For this tutorial, you’ll PS6 brush and an eyeshadow rouge palette.

Choose from the warm and light colors to use on the cheekbones and use darker colors as you move down below the cheekbones. To give the cheekbones a little shine, use pearlite as a highlighter and an IMW6 brush. Mix three colors of your pearlite based on your preference and then apply it to the cheekbone using your brush. You can even apply some of your pearlite powder above the lips to give them more prominence.

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