How To: Light Bridal Makeup

In this video, you will learn more about light makeups and how to apply one. This video was provided by sharareh vahedi Beauty Salon. To contact us please dial 09198486797


Greetings.Thank you for following us and watching our videos on We’re here from Shokoofe Baran Beauty Salon with a tutorial on light face makeup.

Before starting our light makeup, it’s better to use a pre-makeup fixing product called a primer. This product can also be used for bridal makeups and denser makeups overall. This is an important factor when it comes to makeup durability. I asked my colleague to start the makeup.

First, we have to apply the primer. This material will help increase the durability of the makeup. After applying our primer across the face, we will continue by applying the foundation for our eye shadow. After the foundation is applied, let’s start applying the shadow itself. As I said before, this is a light makeup and these types of makeup are usually in colors such as peach, pink, beige, terra cotta, light copper, and mahogany. If you use darker shades of these shadows, you will no longer have a light makeup. In this type of makeup, you can only add a small layer of darker shadow to the outer edge of the eyelids whether close to the eyelashes or starting at the eyelids itself, but not so much that the shadows look dark.

During the eye makeup, try to use the same colors you used on the upper eyelids on the lower one as well. This will give the eyes a beautiful harmony. Therefore, even though you are not using dark colors, a light halo covers the eyes that add to the beauty of your work. Before adding the final touches on our eyeshadow, attach the false lashes. You could use individual lashes if you like. After attaching the false lashes, we have to check the eyeshadow again and correct any shortcomings.

Since we don’t use heavy cream powders in light makeup, acne or rash might still be visible. To cover these defects, use a concealer to cover the spots and then use your cream powder on top. After fading the cream powder on the face, start applying your contouring techniques. Use dark shades on the areas you want to make less visible, and light shades in places you want to make more prominent or more visible. Make sure to use light shades beside your darker ones and fade your shades thoroughly so no lines are visible.

As I said before, you should use light colors in places you want to be more prominent and darker shades in places you want to make smaller or less visible. There is only one exception to this rule and that is in regards to nostrils. If you have a client or bride with large nostrils and you want to make them smaller by using dark shades, it will get the opposite result and the nostrils will look bigger. Use light shades on the inside and immediate area outside the nostrils to make them look smaller.

After contouring, apply your fixing powder. You can use opaque or shine fixing powders. After that you can work on the eyebrows, add a little mascara to freshen up the eyelashes and apply cheek shiner. In a light makeup, it’s much better to use hachure on the eyebrows to avoid attracting too much attention to the eyes.

Our light makeup is now over. I hope you have enjoyed this video. We have classes in all makeup fields. I hope to see you in our classes soon. You will receive a valid certification at the conclusion of our classes. Until next time, goodbye.

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