Easy Bridal Face Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you’ll see the steps to bridal face makeup.


For bridal face makeup, first, apply the primer on the skin. Now use a concealer to hide any defects on the face if they exist. For the next step, apply foundation concerning the natural color of the skin and apply contouring techniques next.

Since in a formal or bridal makeup, eye makeup has special importance, you should focus on this part especially. First, use an opaque and light color on the upper eyelids. Now apply a darker shade to the outer edges of the eyes. If you want, you can use shine in the same area as well, which we have done using a pink color. Finally, apply eyeliner and fade the tail using a black eyeliner pen. Don’t forget to use false eyelashes. Using false eyelashes can make your eyes look much more beautiful.

Continue the same way until you have applied the makeup for lips, eyebrows, and cheekbones. You can see the steps to this process in this video.

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