Easy Fantasy Haircut

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a new fantasy haircut. This video was provided by Gelaris beauty complex.


Greetings. I’m Marjan Ghorbani. I’m the administration at Gelaris Beauty Complex. Today I want to show you a fantasy haircut.

For this type of haircut, the hair separation is done in the form of three triangles in the front and three in the back. Separate the hair on the two sides of the head, starting from above the ear and continuing in a direct line towards the other and form two triangles on the sides. In the front, separate the hair from the arch of two eyebrows.

After separating the hair, open the hair clip on the bangs and brush the hair completely. Separate it into two equal parts. Use a hair clip to hold on side. Spray the other side with some water. Brush from the root. Hold the hair down towards the nose in a 45-degree angle. This is zero degrees where the hands are all the way down, and in 45-degrees the hands move up a little. How much of the hair you cut depends on the client’s preference. Now you can cut the hair in a 45-degree angle. Brush again and start shearing while still holding the hair in a 45-degree angle.

Now move to the side of the hair. Open the hair clip and spray it with water. Because this part is diagonal, you must separate the hair from the side in a diagonally as well. Use the hair in the front as your guide. Brush the hair thoroughly. Hold the hair towards the nose in a 45-degree angle and use your guide, which is the first layer we cut, to cut the hair. Separate the next layer and do the same as before. Brush the hair towards the nose and use your guide to cut the hair. We’ve now cut one side of the hair. You can see the shearing and the cut here.

Now let’s move on to the bangs on the other side. Let’s spray some water and brush the hair. Now since we need a guide let’s separate a small layer from the other side and use it as our guide for the cut. Separate apart, brush the hair, cut in a 45-degree angle, and cut using your guide. Let move on to the next part. Pull the hair towards the nose and cut in a 45-degree angle according to our guide. It’s a good time to also shear the hair at this point. You can do the shearing like this or do it like V and inverted V shapes.

Choose the layers diagonally like before. Spray the hair with some water. You can see the guide and the part we have to cut. Brush the hair, pull it towards the nose, and cut in a 45-degree angle. Separate the next layer. Make sure the hair is wet. Brush the hair, pull it towards the nose, and cut in a 45-degree angle. As you can see, the side of the hair is completely sheared but it’s a little hard to see it here since it’s on a synthesized hair.

Now let’s move to the back. As I said in the beginning, we separated the back into three triangles. I’m going to remove the hair clip from the one in the middle. Separate into two equal parts. Brush it and spray it with some water. Separate the hair into two parts and attach a hair clip to one part. Now we want to cut this layer. Since we have no guide, let’s use the hair on the side as one. Brush it towards the face. Cut it in a 45-degree angle and start shearing.

Open the other layer of hair and start cutting layer by layer according to the guide and in 45 degrees towards the face. Shear each layer of hair after the cut. Separate another layer, brush it and spray it with water. Hold the hair in 45 degrees and towards the face.

We cut this side using our guide in a 45-degree angle towards the face. We’ve also performed shearing, but it’s less obvious on a model synthesized hair. We’ll do the exact same thing for these parts and we’ll come back to see the results soon. This is the finished haircut. I will look better on natural hair.

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