How To: Strengthening Natural Nails

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to cover a natural nail in order to strengthen it.


Greetings. Today I want to show you how to strengthen your nails. This method is good for those of you with brittle or thin nails, or if you chew on them.

As a first step, you should perform a dry manicure on your nails. After our dry manicure is done, we’re going to add an anti-fungus polish,
Then primer and lastly we can add our powder on the nail.

In this step, we have to scrub the nail. First, we use a hand help scrub to form the nail and we can clean the root using an electric scrub. The last step is to clean around the nail and the root. This is the most important step. Then we have to buff and polish the nail. This will conclude the process.

We have finished covering the nail. The difference between a nail cover and a powder nail is that powder nails have one step more in the process which is adding a tip. This is done before adding the powder to the nail. Make sure to fade the tip line on the nail.

Next, you can add anti-fungus, primer, and then add the product. These are the same in both methods.

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