How To: Long Faux Haircut

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a new long faux haircut. This video is provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol institute. To join our public and private classes on haircuts, call us at .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol institute. I’m a hairstyle, formula, and haircut expert. I’m here today to show you a new haircut. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

This is a long faux haircut. You cut the hair in different degrees in this type of cut. It’s suitable for people with long hair who don’t want to cut their hair short. In this type of haircut, the hair is sheared in a cascading style. Separate the hair from one ear to another, separate the crown and the hair in the back. How much you cut depends on the client’s preference. I’m going to cut as little as I can here and as I said, this model is more suitable for people who like their hair long.

Cut the hair in the back in a zero degree angle. After cutting the hair in a zero degree angle, you can shear the hair in forty-five degrees. 45 degrees is a low angle and the hair is only slightly sheared. You can use your scissors for the shearing process or use a blade if you like. After cutting the layer in a 45 degree, start the next layer. Cut the next layer in a 90-degree angle. Our guide is the previous layer we cut. 90 degrees angle means the hair forms a vertical line with the head.

Now the third layer. How we cut and separate the hair depends on the volume of the hair. If you are working with a higher volume of hair, then your angles and layers are different. Cut the third layer in a 130-degree angle. Consider 90 degrees and hold your hand slightly higher, and that will make 130 degrees. Paying close attention to the degrees during your cut will help you get a cleaner cut and control the shearing process. Otherwise, the hair will be ground suddenly and won’t look good on long hair.

The angle moves higher for the next layer. The angle will be close to 140 or 160 degrees. This is the last layer of the crown. If the client prefers more shearing, then you can hold the hair in 180 degrees even. In this cut, you won’t see the haircut and shearing close to the neck, this is because the hair is longer. Depending on how long the hair is, the shearing will be lower. Now let’s move to the front. Brush the bangs. Split the hair from the middle. The length of the bangs also depends on what the client prefers. It could be from the nose, lips, or the chin. I’m going to cut the bangs longer. Select a layer from the middle of the bangs and cut in zero degrees.

We’re going to split the hair at this point, each on one side of the split section. You can use the layer of bangs you just cut as your guide. Hold both layers in your hand, twist your hand up, and cut the part diagonally. Meaning the more you move to the side the longer the cut gets. You can do this with scissors or cutting blade. Off to the next part and as I told you, the more you move to the side the longer the hair will get until you reach the length of hair on the side. Do the same for the other side. Hold the hair in your hand, twist it and cut it diagonally. In other words, you have to create an inverted V with this cut.

After the cut is complete, use a blade to shear the hair a bit. This will make the hair look better. After cutting the hair with the inverter V form, let’s work on the sides and cut in a 90-degree angle. Choose a higher layer of hair and cut in 135 degrees. You will go through the exact same process like the back to get a unified cut. For the next layer, cut in 160 degrees as we did in the back. Do the same for the other side. Cut the hair on the side at the same degrees you did in the back. This will conclude the cut.

I couldn’t brush the synthesized hair on the model, however, with this cut, you can brush the hair from below. The back will have a V-shaped cut, and the surface will be slightly sheared. This cut will look much better after a good brush. To join our public and private classes on haircuts, call us at the numbers provided in the description.

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