How To: Bridal Face Makeup

In this tutorial, you will watch how a bridal face makeup is done.


During a face makeup, it’s always better to start with the eyes and then apply cream powder and other material on the face. This will prevent wiping off the cream powder and foundation during makeup. To do this, first apply the foundation for eye makeup using a concealer. Next, use a light brown shadow to start applying your eyeshadow across the eyelids.

Apply a darker shadow at outer edges of the eyes and fade them thoroughly. Now use a lighter color and shine to apply to the inner edges of the eyes. This will make the eyes look more beautiful and give them a shine. Based on the natural look of the eyes you can use a white or black makeup pen inside the eyelids. Now draw your eyeliner and attach the false eyelashes on the line between eyelids and eyelashes.

Now apply contouring techniques and then apply cheek shine on the cheekbones. Keep in mind that misplacing the cheek shine will make the person look older. You can use shine on the areas above the cheeks, on the nose, chin, and above the lips to make your makeup look more beautiful. Now design the eyebrows and for the last step, apply lipstick. To increase the durability of the makeup, you can use any type of fixing powder.

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