Easy Twist Ponytail Chignon

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps to an easy open ponytail chignon. This video was provided by Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.


Greetings. I’m here today with a tutorial on a chignon hairstyle from Noghre Negar Beauty Salon.

Separate the hair from behind the ears on both side and let that hair remain for our later work. Gather the rest of the hair up and wrap it behind the head with a hairband in a ponytail. Separate a thin layer from behind the ponytail and start teasing it to form the basis of the chignon. Don’t tease it too much. Use a hair styling spray. Now put the hair back, leave it, and let’s move on to the front.

In the front, separate the bangs on both sides of the split section. The sections should be in line from one eyebrow arch to the other. Tease the hair a little and remember you don’t have to tease the hair too much. Add some hair cream to reduce frizzy hair. Brush the hair, hold the hair in your hand, and create a weave. When this part is fixed on the top, start creating diagonal lines on it before fixing it using hairpins. This will make our work look better. Spray the hair a little and start creating your lines. The more loosely we make this part, the better it will look at the end.

As you can see, I’ve formed lines on the top of the hair in this style. I’m going to use some hair spray. Remember to use the styling spray from a distance. This will fix your work and won’t make it too sticky and wet. Now let’s add some hair cream to the hair on the side and brush it to remove frizz. Since this model has wavy hair, there’s no need to tease the hair again, but you can do it for your client. Now twist the hair slightly and move it up over your ponytail. Use styling spray and start creating lines. We have to do the same for the other side of the hair.

To create lines you hold a small number of hair strands between your fingers and continue moving on the hair to create your lines. I did the same for the other side of the head and fixed the tail around the ponytail. This will hide your hairband and make the hair stand a little higher. Now for the ponytail, leave the teased layer at the bottom remain as it is and start brushing the surface a little to make sure the hair is thoroughly straight. Apply some styling spray and start creating your lines starting from the middle top. Leave the two sides alone and start creating the lines in the middle. After creating the line, apply some styling spray and use a hairpin to fix the line on the hair.

Now move on to the next one. Create three lines focused in the middle of the ponytail. I’m using hair cream as well. Spray the hair a little. After creating the three lines in the middle, move to the right side and create your lines leaning to the middle. Start creating your next line by opening the hair a little and thinning it before adding your hairpin. Now move to the opposite side and do the same. Continue creating the lines in a similar fashion until the bottom. I’m going to do three layers as an example, and then show you the results. Each part should be brought to the middle. Continue this until the bottom.

As I said before, I created three layers in the middle,
Then started making the lines from left and right, brought them to the middle and used a hairpin to fix them. We have to do this for the ponytail until the bottom and then use styling spray and glue to fix it. After the hair is fixed, you can remove the hairpins. If you like, you can decorate the hair as well. I rather use pearls here in the places where the hairpins used to be. You can add a pearl in place of each hairpin you remove. After adding the pearls in the back, you can even add them in the front.

At the end, I’ll show you the result of this work. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Well, be back with more tutorials from Noghre Negar Salon soon.

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