How To: Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the steps to an asymmetrical bob haircut. This video was provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol beauty Salon. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m here today with a haircut tutorial. We’re going to be talking about asymmetrical bob haircuts, which have gone viral recently.

You can either use either a machine cutter or scissors for this haircut. Let’s start our haircut in the back. You can cut the lower part of the hair in the back above the neck using a number 16 cutter. You can also use a scissor and to do that, start at the bottom and cut a small portion as your guide and then continue cutting by using a brush as a way to measure the haircut. Whatever hair is left outside of the brush must be cut with the scissors. This type of cut is useful in many different haircuts where the back or sides of the head must be cut short.

If this is too hard for you to do, just use a machine with a number 8 or 10 brush to get the same results. After we’re finished cutting the bottom of the hair, we have to move on to the second stage of the cut. For the second part, the hair must be a little longer. In this haircut, one side is longer than the other one. Therefore, it’s better if you start off with a side split. The side you want to cut longer must be separated. From the line of hair growth, count four inches, almost the length of three fingers, and then start cutting the rest of the hair in a zero-degree angle. After cutting the hair in the center in a straight line in zero-degree angle, cut the sides in a slight diagonal curve.

Since the hair on this side of the head is shorter than the other side, I won’t work on it that much. Instead, let’s separate another layer of hair from the crown and brush it down. Start cutting in a forty-five-degree angle. Cutting in a forty-five-degree angle gives the hair a little more volume. After cutting the last layer of hair on the crown with a forty-five-degree angle,
We have to move to the side where the hair is supposed to be cut shorter. Now on this side, separate a thin layer and start cutting it in a ninety-degree angle. You can also use a machine cutter using brush number 8 for this part if the client prefers. You can also use a scissor, but make sure to cut longer than what you did in the back.

This is much easier on actual hair. It's harder to cut hair or style it on a synthetic hair. Cut this side of the hair short. After cutting this side, also cut around the ear and move to the other side where the hair must be longer. Now separate a thin layer on the ear. It’s better if you cut diagonally toward the face. Hold the hair diagonally with your hand and use the rest of the hair behind the ear as your guide and start cutting diagonally towards the face. You can shear the hair a little as well, which will make the haircut even better. After cutting the first layer, separate more thin layers and cut in a forty-five-degree angle. Move to the next layer. This model has been know by other names in the past, but nowadays it's mostly just known as an asymmetrical bob haircut. Apply shear cuts wherever you see fit. If you can’t use your scissors for this, you can use a blade.

The forty-five-degree cut will give the hair more volume. Now we’ll cut the last layer on this side. You can just let the bangs look like this, or you can cut it diagonally. Meaning you can hold a layer of bangs in your hand and cut diagonally like this. The diagonal cut doesn’t show the way it should since we’re applying this cut on a model. Let’s shear the hair here for a more beautiful cut. Now start brushing the hair. To brush this hair go with the style of the cut and brush toward the face diagonally. You can do the same for the bangs. Apply a little hair cream and then styling spray to form the hair.

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