Micro-pigmentation & Its Applications

|In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn more about micro-pigmentation and its applications. This video was provided by Mrs. Maryam Iramlou.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Iramlou. I’m a micro-scalp treatment expert. Today I want to talk to you about micro-pigmentation.

Micro-pigmentation is the process of injecting the superficial layers of the skin with pigment. To be exact, the pigmentation is done on the Mesoderm layer. To inject the material, special medical devices are used. Micro-pigmentation is used in both the medical and cosmetic fields.

From a cosmetic aspect, it’s often used for permanent makeup applications. These include permanent eyebrow makeup, lip makeup, and eyeliners. In medical fields, this technique is used to cover or repair superficial defects. An example of this is in vitiligo patients where the patient experiences a loss of natural skin pigmentation in some areas. This technique is used to inject pigmentation in the areas affected by this disease to cover the area with a similar color to that of the skin. It can also be used to cover scars left from surgery on the breasts.

Micro-pigmentation is also used to cover baldness or mitigate superficial hair loss effects. One example of this type of application is in people with Alopecia who have lost all their hair, or just part of their hair in an area. We can use micro-pigmentation to cover or give volume to these areas using dots that look like hair follicles or hachure that look like hair strands.

I hope this video has been useful to you. To receive more information, or if you require to consult, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description below. Until next time, goodbye.

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