Micro-scalp, Its Procedure & Uses Explained

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about micro-scalp technique and it’s qualities. Mrs. Maryam Iramlou has sent this video to Rojelab.net. Maryam Iramlou Scalp Treatment Center provides the best micro-scalp procedures based on the latest international standards.


Greetings. I’m Maryam Iramlou. I’m a scalp pigmentation expert. I want to talk about scalp micro-pigmentation today.

Scalp pigmentation is a method often used to add hair volume to areas of the scalp where hair has become thinner or bald. To achieve this end, organic and biocompatible pigments are injected into the surface of the scalp or Mesoderm, using a medical device. Micro-scalp is performed using two main methods. These methods include point-by-point injection also known as follicle method, and hachure.

Hachure is usually used for people with local baldness or Alopecia areata. In this method, the places affected by local baldness is covered with lines resembling natural hair. Follicle pigmentation method is often used for most baldness treatments. It can be used for medium and severe hair fall, or even complete baldness and people with Alopecia areata. We can use follicle pigmentation to treat all of these issues and pigment the scalp with small follicle sized dots. This procedure causes optical illusions, which increases your hair volume.

Now we want to talk about the cases that qualify for a scalp pigmentation treatment. A wide range of people can qualify for this method. Men and women who suffer from different degrees of hair fall. Medium, severe, or complete baldness can be treated with this technique. People who have gone through chemotherapy can use this technique after a period. People who have gone through hair implantation procedures and want to hide the scar or harvest areas on their head. People with Lichen planus and Alopecia areata can also undergo this type of treatment. Generally, anyone affected by hair loss or baldness can use this method.

Let’s talk about the factors impacting quality and the look of micro-scale. One of the most important factors affecting the quality is the type of materials you use. Pigmentation colors used in this technique are organic and plant-based and specifically produced for this procedure. These colors are different from the material used for micro-pigmentation. Micro-scalp pigmentation colors are designed for the scalp that has an oily environment to be compatible with the scalp. These colors are designed to be durable on the scalp and prevent color diffusion.

Another matter affecting the quality of this process is the used of medical pigmentation devices. These devices follow a specific standard that prevents damaging actual hair follicles. Remember to have this process done in certified medical centers.

For more information, or to receive consultancy, please contact us with the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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