How To: Low Hanging Chignon

In this tutorial, you will see a beautiful chignon work in action.


Separate the bangs from one ear to the other in a direct line. Separate the top of the hair in a direct line as well. Hold the batch on the top in place. Gather the rest of the hair in your hand and add styling spray around the hair. Now brush the hair again and wrap the hair with a hairband. Now attach your prosthetic hair immediately under the hairband. I want a part of the prosthetic to cover the neck.

When the prosthetic is fixed in place, apply some styling spray and bring the top of the hair back down. Here we have to add some more hair to the hair on top. To do this take some more hair from the split line on the top and add it to the hair on top. Split batches in direct lines. Brush it upward and start teasing. Unwind the hair layer by layer and put them back down. Brush the surface upward. Spray the hair with styling spray with the grain and start brushing again.

Now bring the hair towards your prosthetic and use a hairpin to fix it. For the bangs, split the hair in line with the arch of the eyebrow. Leave the bigger part alone and take a layer from the other side and start teasing. Apply styling spray to each layer after teasing. Keep doing this until the last layer. Unwind the hair and brush the surface. Just brush the surface of the hair. Move it to the side of the head and use a hairpin to fix it in place.

Split the hair from the arch of the eyebrow, keep the rectangular patch of hair, and work on the side. Tease the hair on the side. Brush the surface of the hair to make sure there are no tangles. Widen the hair and start creating lines. Start at the bottom of the layer and pull out small parts of the hair from the root. Now dry all these lines using styling spray. For the hair on the top, split layers in straight lines, brush them upward and start teasing the hair.

Return the hair to the original position and brush the surface. Wrap the end of the batch and use a hairpin to fix it. Now start creating lines starting at the end of one side. Hold the hair and separate a layer from below the current batch. Tease the surface of this layer. Create your lines and then dry the hair. To hide the hairpins and their effect on the hair, let's pick a layer of hair from the side, twist it and put it over the hairpins across the hair, start widening it and create lines. Now use a hairpin to fix it. Use a styling spray to dry it.

For the hair left in the back, pick straight layers of hair and brush them to make sure there are no tangles. Do not put hair on the side of the prosthetic. Give the hair a loose twist. Hold the hair down and start creating lines. I'll continue likes this, separating the hair and twisting it and creating lines until the end. I've done this across the hair so far, twisted them and created the lines. When you've reached the end, let the hair hang on the shoulder and create lines with the direction of the hair.

Now for the empty side of the prosthetic, I want to use an extension. Attach the extension tightly to the side of the prosthetic. Pick a layer of hair and tease it, then brush the surface. Hold the hair up and use a hairpin. Then widen the hair and fold the end. When the hair is folded, add hairpins to hold the fold and widen the top completely. Now dry it. Now take another layer. Tease it. Tease the hair on the surface. Fold the hair up and hold it like a bowtie. First, use a hairpin to hold it, and then widen it completely. Since the top of the hair will be showing, I'll tease the hair from below. Brush the surface of the hair. Apply some styling spray. Fold it and create a smaller bowtie under the first one. Use a hairpin to attach it. Widen it and fix it. I will add another fold under this one as I did before.

After forming my two bowties, I will tease the hair remaining from before. To tease this hair completely, I use a hair clip to hold the hair, widen it, and then use a brush to tease it. After drying my hair, I'll widen it a bit and then fold it inside and use a hairpin to fix it in place. I'll just go over my bowties and widen them if at all possible. Twist the rest of the hair like before and create your lines. Twist it and take it to the side of the head. Twist it completely, bring it to the side, and fix it to the rest of the hair on the side.

Now the work is done, I can go over the work and tweak it and fix it to make it look better. This concludes our tutorial. To join our classes over at Faranak Beauty Academy, please contact us with the numbers provided in the description.

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