How To: Permanent Make-up- Getting Your Eyeliner Tattooed

Permanent makeup, also called micropigmentation, involves the use of an electric handheld pen containing colour pigments to tattoo the skin and to create the look of makeup. In this case, the pigments are carefully deposited to between the lash hairs at the base to create a semi-permanent make-up for eyes.
Before everything, you need to apply the anesthetic to the lids and let it stay for 20-30 minutes so that it takes effect. Then, the lids are thoroughly cleansed to get prepared for receiving tattoo treatments. Try to keep the lid’s skin stretched upwards while doing the treatment to avoid the pen from getting inside the eyes in case the client abruptly attempts to shut or open her eyes.
Dip the pen into the pigment liquid and start distributing it evenly among the lash hairs at the base.


Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna be showing you how to do an eyeliner tattoo to get the best outcome in shortest possible period of time. so stay tuned with us!. This is the client I'm gonna do an eyeliner tattoo for, I've already applied the anesthetic to her eyelids. We better use less anesthetic for eyelids than for lips and eyebrows. don't use cover pads during this treatment, otherwise it leaves you with a more severe swelling due to reduced amount of oxygen. to begin tattooing, I'll start from the outer corner moving along the lash line towards the inner corner. This way you have much more control over the lids, also, the client feels a lot more comfortable. in addition, it will be much less painful and stressful for the client, you can also keep your hand vibration at a minimum level as moving gradually towards the inner corner.

Well, I'll now get started. keep in mind that while doing eyeliner tattoo, you must hold your hand a bit more angled like 70-75 degrees. set the device at a medium speed and move your hand pretty slow. This way, it gives you a better colour settlement and you will get higher deposits of pigment in shorter time. well, I'm now done with this treatment here. as you can see, there's high colour intensity among the hairs at the lash base. in eyeliner micropigmentation, unlike drawing eyeliner with pencils, we don't extend the eyeliner past the corner of eyes, but simply apply pigments to between the lashes to make them look thicker and darker. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. To join our instruction courses, please dial the numbers provided, Good Luck.

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