Eyeliner Lash Line Pigmentation Review

In this brief video, we try to show you a lash line pigmentation procedure. This video is provided by Mrs. Sama Amery.


Greetings. I’m Sama Amery. I’m an expert in micro-pigmentation and micro-blading. Today I want to talk to you about permanent eyelash makeup.

In order to start the procedure we have to apply anesthetics to the area for twenty to thirty minutes. After this time, clean the area and start your work. For this procedure, you must use power needle number 3. This will give you a better pigmentation coverage. The cartridge is completely sterile. I’m going to unbox this. I’m using an Amiea brand of the micro-pigmentation device which is very safe.

It’s better to use something behind the client’s eyelids to lock the eyes shut. This will prevent poking the client in the eye in case they open their eyes during the process.

Our eyelash micro-pigmentation process is finished. As you can see, it’s a very delicate and natural procedure. It’s perfect for young people. It will cover right below the eyelashes, gives them volume and makes your eyes look more beautiful.

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