How To: Volume Lash Extensions

In this tutorial, you will watch the steps of doing Volume Lash Extensions.


Greetings. Today I want to talk to you about Volume Lash Extensions.

At the beginning of this process, it’s important to rid the eyelashes from any existing oil or pollution. To do this, you should use anti-fungus or a special foam to wash the eyes. Here I’m using a liquid anti-fungus. This is to wash the eyelashes completely and remove the oil. You should let the client know not to use water on their eyes for 24 hours after the extension process, and when they arrive for the procedure, the eyes should not have any makeup on them and should be completely clean.

However, even if the eyes are clean and there’s no makeup, you should still use anti-fungus material, or special foam to clean the eyelashes. To perform a successful eyelash extension and for the false lashes to remain
on the eyelashes it’s important to perform this step thoroughly and with diligence.

After applying your anti-fungus, or using the foam to wash the eyelashes, you should apply your primer. A primer is also a form of cleanser that will help make sure the eyes are clean. After this task, wait for one minute before using a pad under the eyes to cover the lower lashes. At this point, we want to add the pad. There are pads that could cause allergies but you can still use them. There are also collagen-generating pads you can use. However, there are also paper pads that don’t cause any irritation or problems for the client, which I personally use and can cover the lower eyelashes perfectly.

Apply the pad so that you only cover the lower lashes and not inside the eyelid to prevent irritating the eye. Hold the sides of the pad in your hands and cover the lower lashes completely. As I said before, it's important not to let the pad touch inside the eye. Before starting the extension process, we have to decide about the eyelashes we want to use. For volume eyelash extension, you can use either 0.5 or 0.7 extensions depending on the brand of extension you are using. Quality of the extension you use is very important. Here, I’m using completely natural eyelashes which are very light on the eyes and doesn’t do any damage.

The eyelash size I chose here is 0.7. The size of the eyelash you use should be based on the look and style of the client’s eye as well as their preference. Let’s plan our design for the eye and note our measurements. I’ve chosen the eyelash based on what the client wants, the nature of their eyes, and the type of curl they want. I note the measurements before the process to make the process more precise and faster.

Now we have to add the starter to the eyelash. The starter is a liquid you should apply to the eyelashes before applying the glue. This will help get the eyelashes ready for extension. Glues are different depending on the temperature of the room and the starter will help the glue work better on the eyelashes.

Now I want to show you how ta fan your false lashes for volume and mega-volume lash extensions. I use a manual method for fanning using hands, which is the best method for fanning. This will increase your speed very much but you have to do it with precision. Choose the number of false lashes you want. It’s usually 3D for volume and 6D and 7D for mega-volume. Use a pincer to take pick the lash up and then use your hand to squeeze the end of the false lashes to round them. The end of the eyelash must be round and ready to be attached to the eyelash. Now smear the end of the false lashes slightly in the glue and put it on the eyelash. This is fanning with hand, which is one of the best methods for fanning.

Here the process is the same as normal eyelash extensions. After you’ve added the glue to the lash extension, use the pincer to choose a single eyelash in a way that no two eyelashes are stock together, and attach the false lash slowly on the eyelash. Hold the eyelashes for a few moments using the pincer until it’s dry. Continue adding your false lashes depending on what type of volume or mega-volume lash extension you’re performing and add them to the eyelashes until you’ve added the extensions across the lash line.

This concludes our tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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