How To: Volume Eyelash Extension Tutorial

Volume lashes is a technique that allows the application of single strand eyelash extensions to one natural lash while maintaining the health and safety of the client’s natural lashes. Volume lashes are perfect for clients who have sparse lashes, bald spots or for achieving a more dramatic look.
Before getting started, the bottom lashes must be completely covered using a piece of tape, so that the top lashes won’t stick to the bottom one during the extension process.
This technique is much different from classic application and the process of making eyelash fans is considered of utmost significance.
To enroll in the instruction classes provided by Mehr-E-Jan institute, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, I'm Sahar Pourgholami, an eyelash extension technician and instructor from Mehr-E-Jaan beauty salon directed by Ms. Balalian. Today, I'm gonna do an eyelash extension model for you guys. well, the very first important thing before beginning the extension is putting a piece of tape underneath the lids. could you please hold your eyes open?. We actually add the tapes in order to prevent the top lashes from sticking to the bottom ones during the treatment. the whole bottom lashes must be hidden under the tape, if there's even one lash sticking out, it will cling to the upper lashes and won't be removed easily. This also hurts the client too.

This client today, doesn't like to have much full lashes. so that's why I'm gonna put a volume lash extension on her lashes. fan making process is very important in the volume technique. We must add one false lash to each strand of natural lash. Volume lashes typically consist of three or more hairs per fan. If it comes with more number of lashes, it is called Mega-volume extension. We use lightweight silk false lashes so that no damage is caused to the client's natural lash. I must say again that It's really vital to put just one false lash to each strand. I've semm many clients coming here with damaged lashes, this is because the false lashes have not been correctly installed for them.

If just one lash is attached to each strand, no damage will happen to the natural lashes. in our instruction courses, you can get to become familiar with various type of eyes, tools and eyelashes. I'm now making fans and working on the client's lashes at the same time. If you learn to make lash fans correctly, you can easily become a professional eyelash technician. in our classes like you can learn all the necessary steps like fans making, how to use the tool. all the trainees can benefit to know about the latest methods and techniques even after six to seven months from their instruction period. I can advise them about those techniques in person or on the phone.

I will be personally at their service as long as they need any assistance. two methods of extension removal are instructed in our classes. you can also learn how to apply temporary lashes or herbal lashes. touch-up process is also instructed. once several false lashes have been installed. This fan is used to both dry the adhesive material and blow away the formed gas that might be irritating to those with sensitive eyes. We do this so as to avoid that irritation. after we have blow dried the lashes. we'll brush them. to loosen up the lashes clung together. as you can see, I've added one volume false lash to each strand. very well, this extension item is over now, I do hope you've found it useful. To sign up for our classes in Mehr-E-Jan beauty salon, you can dial the phone numbers provided. Thanks a lot for watching us.

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