Blepharoplasty Using Plasma Jet Explained

In this tutorial, you can see a blepharoplasty procedure in action. This video is provided by Mrs. Faeze Jafari. To book our tattoo and micro-pigmentation services with the latest methods, please contact us at 09121962430.


Today we want to show you how Plasma Jet machines work in action and who can use it. This process is done under PHI international standards.

We start by washing the eyelids to make sure they are completely clean. Then high-quality anesthetics produced by PHI are applied to numb the area. After the allotted time has passed, we wipe the area using sterilized PHI wipes to make sure there are no germs or infections that might exist. As you can see we are cleaning the whole of the eyelids, under the eyes, the eyelashes and the area surrounding the eyelids completely.

As you can see we are cleaning the eyelids completely, even though the patient has already washed her face and the area is clean. We inspect the eyelids to make sure of the type of lift we need to perform and start drawing our design for the procedure based on the existing international standards. As you can see, there’s a very small extra tissue on the upper corner of the eyes. We need a lift on the outer corner of the eye and another right below the eyebrows. Keep in mind that both eyes should be designed symmetrically so you can get the best result for your client. As you can see, using the lifts on the corner of the eyes, we can pull the eyes to the sides and the other lift will pull the eyes up.

We will continue our work using PHI-ION handpiece. As you can see, the tip is one-time-use only and you have to change it for each client. The heat settings are different based on the nature of the eyelids and severity of the ptosis we want to treat. The suitable setting for this client is two. Use your hand to lift the eyelids up and start marking the area we want a point by point and close to one another. As you can see the focused superheated plasma burns the fat layer below the epidermis, turns it into gas, and causes a lift. This superheated gas also stimulates the skin and increases collagen generation.

The points you create and how close together and orderly they are, as we said they can be point-by-point or connected, is of crucial importance to the process because each point is effective in removing the eyelids. Unfortunately, the camera can’t capture the contraction on the eyelid but when you work with the machine, you can see how the eyelids are contracting as we create the points across. We continue this process for both eyes.

Maintaining your eyes after this process is very important. As you can see, there are burn points on the eyelids after the process and this increases the chances of infection very much. It’s very important to pay attention to hygiene. After the process is over, we have to use PHI Skin Candy. This product must be used for three or four days. Avoid contact with water in the area for 48 hours.

Some of you had asked if it’s possible to do two Plasma Jet procedures in one day. The answer is no, there is no problem. Specifically here, after the blepharoplasty procedure, we’re going to do a lifting procedure for the tip of the nose that has a fleshy structure and hence we can use Plasma Jet as a lifting method.

If the nose were less fleshy, it would not have worked. We will use this method to lift the tip of the nose up and this will make the nose look smaller. Therefore, you can have multiple Plasma Jet procedures in one session without an issue.

Sessions required for blepharoplasty can differ based on how severe the ptosis is and can take from one to four session. The period between each session can take from one to two months. My client, however, will get the satisfying result in one session only.

For more information or free consult, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description below. This concludes our tutorial. Until next time, goodbye.

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