How To: Mild Face Makeup

In this brief video, you will see a mild face makeup being applied to a model. This video is provided by Gelaris Cosmetics Salon.


If you want to know more about mild face makeups, don’t lose this tutorial by Gelaris Cosmetics Salon.

First, apply the foundation for the eyeliner using a concealer. Choose a concealer at least two degrees lighter than your skin color. Use a makeup brush to cover the ring around the eyes with the concealer. Choose a gray shadow and add it to the corner of the eye. There’s no need to cover the whole eye with this color. In a mild makeup, covering the corner of the eye with this shadow is enough. Now choose a light shadow and apply it to the eyelids. Use a clean makeup brush to fade the lines.

For the next step, draw the eyeliner and attach the false eyelashes. Apply mascara to the eyelashes thoroughly. Apply shadow, eyeliner, and mascara to the lower eyelashes as well. Now add a suitable color of cream powder to the skin. Use a makeup sponge to distribute it on the face.

Now it’s time to apply contouring techniques. You can see the full steps for this process and the rest of the makeup techniques in the video. To join our classes at Gelaris Cosmetics Salon, please call us at the numbers provided in the description.

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