How To: Ombre Hair At Home

In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform an Ombre dye at home. This video is provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. To join our classes please contact us at .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. In this tutorial, I want to talk to you about Ombre dye. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

The first thing you should pay attention to during an Ombre dye is the product you’re using. If you use the same product in the same way as when you are doing a foil Meche or when using a hair cap,
Then your Ombre won’t look good at the end because there will constant leakage. The most important factor in an Ombre dye is the formula in use which should be high in density and thickness. You must use a thick oxidant and use it in small portions. Therefore, in Ombre, your oxidant is less than its proportions when used for foil Meche or dye using caps. Here, I’m using blue decoloring powder and nine percent oxidant both from Val var products. I’m going to show you the thickness of the material so you can see.

Since the formula used in Ombre is thick, there’s a higher risk of hair decay, therefore the person performing the Ombre dye process must be very much familiar with highlighting and decoloring hair to be able to prevent any damage to the hair. The state of the formula at this point is completely suitable for your Ombre dye.

Since I’m working on a model hair, and it’s hard to do an actual hair lightening on this type of hair, I’m just going to explain the technique used to apply the formula to the hair. You will have to apply the product across the hair with the same technique and at the end rinse the hair and apply your preferred color for the dye. The technique you use for Ombre is very important.

To get the best possible Ombre, you have to use a brush to tease some of the hair upward. If you don’t do this, you will see lines on the hair and these lines will make the work look ugly. Therefore, we tease some of the hair upward and the rest of the hair remains. Put your foil underneath. Make sure to use foil or foam paper. This will increase your speed. You should add the product in a V shape on the hair. Add the product like a hachure at the top. This is the technique used to apply formula product to hair in Ombre. In a V shape and like a hachure. When you add the product like this, your Ombre will look better and there will be no lines on the hair.

We’ll continue to add the product to the hair like this across the hair. Pay attention to the way I’m holding the brush. You should hold the brush in a similar form. Use the brush from the side. How you use the brush is very important. Ombre looks very good on long and straight hair. For curly hair, it will only look good if you don’t Ombre lots of hair. Otherwise, it will make the hair look frizzy and puffy. When the formula is added to the hair, fold the foil and go through the same process for the next layer as well.

In an Ombre, it’s always better to bleach the hair to a high level, because if the hair is yellow or orange, an Ombre won’t look good on the hair. This is the finished work for our Ombre. The way I said you should apply the product to the hair will prevent the dye from being formed on a straight line on the hair, it will form a zigzag, and the result will be more beautiful. Make sure you reach the intended level of bleach. After the decoloring is complete wash the hair and use Grey, Nescafe, Caramel, or Beige colors to dye the hair. These are the best colors for your Ombre that will make the result look much better. Add these colors to the hair based on the client’s preference, massage the hair and rinse after five to ten minutes.

The best style for Ombre hair is to curl it. Curling your hair will make the Ombre look even better. Try to style your client’s hair this way.

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