How To: High Chignon Bun

In this tutorial, you will see how to do a beautiful high chignon bun. This video is provided by Mrs. Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. To join our classes, please call .


Greetings. I’m Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Academy. Today I’m here with a chignon tutorial.

I’ve separated the hair from one ear to the other. In the back, I’ve made a ponytail. This ponytail will be teased to be the basis for the chignon or you can use prosthetic hair instead of teasing. This chignon is famous and is positioned relatively high on the head. Let’s roll up the hair in the pack to use it as the base. Roll all the hair inside, fix it, and then apply a little spray. The rest of our work requires only this batch of hair in the front.

Let’s separate the different parts of the hair. Split the bangs in a form that suits the client’s face. Either a middle section split or to the sides. It doesn’t make much of a difference. Brush the hair to the side batch after batch. If the client likes to have some free hair hanging on the side you can do it right here. Otherwise, continue your work. Pull the hair a little to widen it and give it a loppy look. Use a hairpin to fix it on the prosthetic hair. We can create a few lines on the hair as well.

I want to put split the hair on the side for this model. I will brush the bangs thoroughly with a wide tooth comb. We will then create lines on the hair. When I’m done brushing the hair, I’ll spray the hair a bit. Now brush the hair again. When we’ve brushed the hair again and we’ve made sure there is no tangled hair, hold it in your hand and pull your fingers through the hair to create a line and form the hair they way you want. After we’ve created the lines, we use a hairpin to fix the hair in position. You fix the hair after you’ve created the model or form of hair that you want. You can skip this step and let the hair be free. This depends on the nature of the client’s face.

When you use long hairpins to fix the hair, you can create lines or remove the pins easily after you’re done. We do the same on the other side. Pull the hair a little to widen it, give it a sloppy look, and then put it on top of your prosthetic hair. After we’re done with the bangs, add some hair cream to the rest of the hair that is hanging in the back and then twist it and then pull little parts of hair out of the twist. Now put this part on the prosthetic hair and fix it with a pin. Keep twisting the hair and then pull out a little bit of it. We will do the same for all the parts of hair connected to the prosthetic. I will finish the design and come back to you with the results.

Our chignon is now done. I did the rest of the process just as I told you. Now that we’re done we can remove the hairpins. If you’re worried that your chignon might give up if you remove all the pins, you can keep a few pins between the layers of hair. This can even help to make the lines look more noticeable. You can connect the lines together in V shapes. This depends on what you prefer. Here I just showed you the technique. You can create this chignon lower or higher on the head. I did this chignon on a relatively short hair of the model head. It will look much better on actual hair.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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