Micro-blading Vs. Micro-pigmentation Explained

In this tutorial, we will try to explain the differences between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation.


Greeting. Thank you for following us on social media, your comments, and asking us the questions you have. Today, I’m here to answer some of your questions.

One of the frequent questions that you have been asking is the difference between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation. Micro-blading is done using a hand-held manual device. You chance the pressure and speed of the micro-blading process using your hand. You can draw very thin lines using micro-blade. During this process, the colors will enter the Epidermis layer of the skin.

What you see here is a micro-blading pen. There are sterile one-time use devices. They can be in the form of the whole pen, or the needle on the tip, which is then installed on a micro-blading device. The needles are also one-time use only. This process will not damage your natural eyebrow or hair because.
We only work on the Epidermis layer and will never reach the Dermis layer where the hair follicles, veins, and nerves. For this reason, the micro-blading process is completely safe and hygienic.

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