How To: Eye Shadows For Beginners

In this tutorial, you will see how a professional eye shadow can be applied.


Greetings. I’m Azita Fard. I’m an expert makeup artist and administration of Azita Fard Beauty Salon. Today I want to show you a tutorial on eye shadowing.

Now I want to explain what an eye shadow entails, from the first step, until the end. To start any type of makeup, you will need a basis. This basis is usually called a primer. Primer is the product that will help preserve the makeup and make it last as long as it does. So I’m going to use a primer or a concealer. You can use any brand of concealer you please. Now I’m applying a clean layer of concealer or primer on the eyelids. Apply it like this so it covers across the eyelids. This is not the shadow, but only the concealer. Let’s do the same for the other eyelid as well. Use the brush to cover across the eyelids and from the eyelashes upward. We know that concealer is usually oily. We use a wide brush to brush the eyelids to remove this excess material. Brush back and forth on the eyelid.

It’s good to use a powder here as well. You can use any brand you are comfortable with like MAC. It’s better if the powder is a soft and light one. I use this powder to dry the concealer after removing the excess material. Now let’s get the eyes ready to apply our shadow. The material you use for your makeup is very important. I want our makeup for this tutorial to include a few colors.

This is a MAC shadow. It’s a very good model and it’s limited. I use a soft wide brush to apply the shadow starting at the lash line upward. It’s very important for you to be able to see the shadow while you apply it. When your brush is wide like this, you should pull the brush on the material with back and forth movements. Apply the shadow starting at the lash line until reaching the upper bone of the eye socket.

There one thing I want to point out about shadows. The less you move the brush on the eyes, the brighter they will look and the longer they will last. I will repeat my process one more time to get the best result and the longest lifespan for the shadow. Start at the lash line upward until reaching the eye socket. Pull the eyebrow up using your finger and then use your brush to distribute the shadow evenly on the eyelid with a downward movement. Also, use your brush to draw a line from the edge of the eyelash to the outside and then fade it.

I’ll use another brush to further fade the shadow. It doesn’t matter what brand you use, but the type of brush is important. It should move on the eyelid easily and have a flexible movement. From where I'm standing, it's kinda hard to have a good handle on the work. Use the brush to fade the material on the line of the eye socket. We don’t want any lines in our shadow. Brush upward and back and forth to fade it. We can call this shadow anything. We could call it smoky shine shadow or anything you want. Even though this shadow is dark, it still has a nice shine to it.

To get a shiny and long lasting shadow, move the wider side of the brush on the material and touch the eyelids with the brush. This will give us this beautiful shiny look. Use the fading brush to brush the shadow toward the outside of the eye to give the eye look longer and then move it back and forth above the eyelid to fade the lines. Add a brighter and shiny color below the eyebrow. You can choose any color you like. Use your brush to fade the line between the two different colors.

I’ll use my initial brush to unify and distribute the shadow. As I told you before, don’t run the brush on the eyelid. Instead, just touch the eyelids with the brush. Not pulling the brush on the eyelids will help the shadow preserve it’s shiny and beautiful look. Now let’s add a terracotta color on the line of the eye socket with a back and forth movement. I try not to mix the different colors. Let’s add a bit more shadow on the edge of the eye. Now brush the edge upward. Fade the lines.

Remember that you and your client alone can decide how the shadow must look. What the client wants is very important. Do they want to be seen more or if they want their shadow to be shiny or opaque?.

This is amicable by many people. Most people like this shadow as it is and some people don’t and would like to change somethings. Now let’s add some of this beautiful shadow to give the eye a little more shine. Add a bit more of our darker shine and brush it out the edge of the eye.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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