How To: Nail Extension Using Formers

This item aims to make you familiar with a new method for adding length to your nails. You will probably think it involves using nail tips, but it does not. Actually in nail extension, forms and powder material are utilized to not only enhance the look of the nail, but also lengthen them while keeping the natural effect of them fairly untouched.
To get started, first use the electric file to make the surface free of fat. Then take the nipper to remove the excess skin on the cuticles. Next is applying the primer and anti-fungus material.
Below, you may watch a tutorial showing a full instruction of the procedure. To attend the instruction courses provided by Mehr-E-Aria beauty school, please dial the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, I'm Najme Askari, an instructor in Mehr-E-Aria beauty school. I'm here today to show you a false nail application item. In this item, I'm gonna use paper nail forms of this type. I just picked a piece from the roll. first, I'll put the sanding bit to the electric drill to file the surface of the nail. hold the finger still, then start moving the drill in different directions on the nail. If you see any excess cuticle at the base, use the nipper to remove it. Formers are best for those with damaged nails and those who wish to lengthen their nails but not with nail tips. I'll place the former underneath the nail just like this. Try not to leave any gap between the nail and the former or it causes a space between the powder and the nail. This is to prevent air traps from forming under the nail.

The next step is applying anti-fungus material to the entire surface. give it a few seconds until it's fully absorbed into the surface. Then apply the primer. apply it to all over the surface. wait for a couple of seconds. For this treatment, you can use a powder in any colour you like, I'm gonna use a peach colour powder. hold the finger pointing downwards so that in case the powder material splashes, it won't touch the cuticles. apply the peach powder between the former and the nail, then create a length based on the client's wish. keep going step by step like this. For the next round, I'll go a bit further up on the nail's surface. using the tip of the brush, I'll smear the material towards the sides, then finally spread it gently downwards to the edge of the nail.

Now I've reached within 1 mm of the cuticle, so I'll carefully pick smaller amounts of material so that it's easier to handle. and that to avoid touching the cuticle. first move the brush in tapping motion then sweep the brush down on the nail. you can repeat the process of applying the powder material again. that will depend on the client's wish whether to have a more natural looking nail or a coarse one. remember to apply more material to the stress point on the nail. as the nail is much more likely to break from the sides, we will have to be careful to apply the material properly to these points. remember again not to touch the skin around the nail. try to look at it from different angles to check if it needs more material on any point. as I said, first go in tapping motion. well, in this step, we need to wait until it fully dries.

Now remove the former off the nail. Then bring it into the desired shape. I'm using the hand file for that. squeeze the nail while filing the sides. move the file in only direction for shaping the edge. you can also use the electric drill to trim the length of nail. put the cylindrical bit to file off the excess material. look at it from above to better see where it needs further filing, then move the drill from base to edge to remove excess material. move it from left to right and vice versa to achieve a fully smooth surface. I'll look from the sides to make sure there's enough material on the stress point. use the cone bit for the walls. enter from either side, move along the curve then exit from the opposite side. This step is really important. now for underneath the nail, if you think there's too much material, use the drill with the cone bit to remove excess material.

This method is known also by nail extension. meaning that we can easily lengthen the nail without having to use nail tips. further file the edges so that it won't look like a fan. To have a better view of the nail, you can turn the finger around and look at it from this angle. It's necessary to use the hand file for the surface after you've used the electric drill. file the entire surface just like this with the hand file. now take the buffer, hold it like this and move it back and forth on the surface. you'd better brush the dust off before applying the gel. Then in the last step, apply the top coat gel. put the brush within 1 mm of each side, then rub it down first in the middle. Then on the left, next on the right, the edge and the sides should be fully covered with gel. Then insert it in the UV device. well, we're now done with this nail item. To join our instruction courses or receive various beauty treatments, please dial the numbers provided.

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