How To: Removing Gelish Nails

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how you can remove gelish and powder material from your nail. This video is provided by Ati Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. In this tutorial, I want to show you how you can remove gelish nails.

To remove gelish nails, you need cotton, foil, and pure acetone. General acetone products will not work here and you have to make sure to get pure 100 percent acetone. Since there’s gelish on the nail, you have to start by removing the gelish first and then continue with removing the rest of the product. If the nail doesn’t contain gelish, then you can remove it easily with general material.

Use an electric scrub to remove the gel. You can even cut or scrub the nail shorter, so removing the product from the nail takes a shorter time. Increase the speed of your electric scrub and then use it to shorten the nail. You might be asking why I didn’t use a cutter to cut the nail. It’s because powder nails are usually thick and very strong and using a cutter to cut them might put too much pressure on the actual nail and hurt your client.

Put pure acetone on a piece of cotton, put the cotton on the nail and wrap it on the nail using a piece of foil. Let a little time pass for the product on the nail to soften. After ten minutes, remove the foil. You’ll notice that the product is now soft. You can now use a pusher to remove the product. If the product is still too hard to remove, you can repeat the previous process one more time. Add pure acetone to a piece of cotton and wrap it on the nail using a piece of cotton.

A bit of the product remains. I can use an electric brush to remove it from the nail. Use a hand-held scrub to smooth the surface on the nail and remedy any trace that the electric brush might have made on the nail. Remove the hard edges from the tip of the nail. Buff the nail in the end.

There is no trace of material on the nail at this point and our work is done. This concludes our tutorial on gelish nail removal. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Until next time, goodbye.

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