How To: Ombre Hair Dye & Hair Sectioning

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to separate and decolor hair for an Ombre dye. This video is provided by Leily Banoo Beauty Academy.


Greeting. Today I’m here from Leily Banoo Beauty Academy with a tutorial on an Ombre dye using teasing.

First, we separated the hair into three sections. From one ear to the other and then in the back. Usually, we have to separate parts in the back, but since here the back of the model is small, I’ve separated the hair to a single section.

Pick a batch of hair and let the rest of the hair remain in the back. Tease the hair to prevent our decoloring material from reaching the rest of the hair. This will prevent forming a line where we applied our decoloring powder. Tease the hair completely. Let’s start adding the product. Add the product in a V shape. Then fade the product.

Separate the next layer, separate a thin layer, and work on the rest. Use the end of your brush to separate sections of the hair one in between to avoid decoloring the whole hair and ending up with a straight line on the hair. Smear the hair with the product thoroughly.

We will continue this way until the end. If there a need to apply the product again, I’ll test the flexibility of the hair after forty minutes and if the hair could take it, then I’ll add the product again. After the second application, we wait a short while and then rinse the hair and apply our dye. Do everything else that you need to do to the hair. I’ll take care of the rest and show you the brushed hair at the end.

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