How To: Professional Bridal Makeup

In this tutorial, you will see professional bridal makeup using Grimas products. To contact our academic institute, please call 021 49163000, and to order Grimas products please contact 0912 6954939.


We start our professional makeup with the eyebrows. We put small amounts of eyeshadow number 884 and 565 from Grimas on our glass palette and mix them with cleansing lotion until we get a soft mixture. We then use a thin makeup brush to apply the mixture to the eyebrows. For the next step, mix makeup creams PF and B2 on a clean palette. Then we can use our M8 brush to create the foundation for our shadow.

Add some fixing powder on the eyebrows to increase the lifespan of the eyeshadow. Next, apply the shadow on the eyelids. Use eyeshadow 101 and in a mixture with cleansing lotion to draw the eyeliners. Then apply mascara and put the prosthetic eyelash in place. Now apply another layer of mascara.

In order to apply the contouring, use makeup cream D8 plus LE, PF plus B2, and 201. Put these mixtures separately on your palette and apply them to the skin in order. Use a clean pad to fade the lines between these products. Apply fixing powder and then cheek blusher on the cheekbones. We complete our beautiful makeup with a nice lipstick.

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