How to Fix a Broken Nail With Gel Polish On

In this tutorial, you will learn how to restore and repair a broken nail and how to fix a broken nail with gel polish on. This video is provided by Ati Nail Salon.


Greetings. In this tutorial, I show you how to repair and restore a broken nail.

As you can see, there’s gel on the nail. The first thing we have to do is to remove this layer of gel completely. Use a wide scrub to scrub off the gel.

Since the nail is broken, it might hurt the client when you put pressure on the tip of the nail. To avoid this, put one finger under the tip of the nail and then brush the nail.

When the gel is completely cleaned, you have to scrub on the broken like on the nail to make it completely visible. You have to decrease the speed of your electric brush because we want to work on this line for a while, and if the speed is high, the nail will get hot. Now we want to start putting the product on the nail. This process is similar to using powders. We have to start adding the product from the root to the tip of the nail in order to harden the nail so the nail won’t break off.

Use a scrub with a round head that is usually used for manicures to perform a simple manicure on the nail. This is to remove the excess tissue around the cuticles. This is to remove the excess tissue around the cuticles. This will not only make the nail look better, but also will prevent air intake under the gel when the nail grows longer. Use a hard scrub to scratch the surface of the nail. This is so the product sticks to the nail properly.

The first step for applying the product is using anti-fungus polish. Especially at the point where the nail is broken. Apply primer across the nail and start adding the product to the nail starting at the area where the nail is broken. Use the side of the brush to distribute the powder on the nail. Brush the nail gently to get the widen the product and cover the nail.

When we are done adding the product, use a hand held scrub to scrub the side of the nail to separate the tissue from the nail. This will also help us form the nail a bit. Use a small manicure scrub to scrub the nail. There are many types of manicure scrubs, but the one I’m using is the smallest one available. Scrub around the nail completely so there is no product sticking to the tissue.

Use another scrub to smooth the surface of the nail. Use this scrub to fade the line of the product at the root of the nail. I do this so there is no bump at the end of the nail when it grows longer. Use a soft hand-held scrub to scrub the surface of the nail so the surface is completely smooth and there are no bumps or scratches. Also, use this scrub gently at the root of the nail to prevent air intake. This will seal the product on the nail.

Never use the scrub on the nail horizontally. This will make the top look flat. Use the scrub from one side to another in an upward motion. For the top of the nail using the scrub with a diagonal motion. Now use a buffer. This nail is no completely restored.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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