How To: Eyebrow Micro-blading Using PhiBrows

In this tutorial, you’ll see a micro-blading process using PhiBrows technique. This video is provided by Leily Banoo Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today we’re here to show you a micro-blading process using PhiBrows technique from Leily Banoo Beauty Academy.

Micro-blading is used to cover and remedy the defects of the eyebrows and to give it a better form. We’ve used a pen to design the eyebrows. We’ve also used a divider ruler to take care of the symmetry of the eyebrows. This is our divider ruler as you can see. We’ve already taken care of the symmetry though.

My client likes a shorter eyebrow, so we used our ruler to set our design based on the line from the edge or the eyebrow to the outer edge of the eye. We’ve also followed the line from the inner edge of the eye to designate the place for the crown of the eyebrow. We did the same for the other eyebrow. Since we want the outline to remain during our pigmentation process,
We used a marker to mark the borders of the eyebrow for the design.

We’ve used anesthetics to numb the area to reduce the pain the client feels during the process. We can use more anesthetics during the process if the client started feeling uncomfortable. We’re not going to start the process. I must pull on the skin. Apply color to the skin and let it remain for ten to fifteen minutes. This will help the color enter the tissue.

When this time has passed, we’re going to draw the smaller and more delicate lines. What we did now was to create the main hachures. After ten minutes, we remove the color from the skin. After removing the color from the skin,
We repeat the same lines by drawing on them again, two or three more times.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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