How To: Lip Tattoo Using Micro-pigmentation

Before everything, first we apply the anaesthetic on the lips and wait for 30 minutes till it’s fully numb. Then start designing using a drawing pencil. First draw the upper lip line and before drawing the line for the corners, try to stretch the skin with one hand and draw the lines with the other.
Now it’s time for the tattoo. Again start drawing from the upper lip and move the needle in a back and forth direction. We use a 3-needle for the tattoo so that we are able to properly fill the spacing between the lip and the drown lines. Keep in mind that it can’t be done right using a 1-needle.
To fill the areas on the lips, we shall use the loop making technique. After filling the lips by loops, we have to make a colour shock. It is in a way that we smear a bit of dye on the lips and try to massage it with a cotton swab.


Hello everyone, I'm Moradnia from Matin Rooyan institute. Today I'm here to teach you the lip plumping technique. To get started, we must first make the lip numb. which takes almost 45 minutes, I've already done it and her lips are now numb and prepared to work on. first we need to design what we want to have on the lips. This client has had her lips designed earlier. but as you can see it has faded away. In lip plumping technique, we will start from 0.5 cm far from the upper and lower lip. that's because we want to make the lips more noticeable. we'll start putting lines from the upper lip. 0.5 cm away. when we've reached the ends of the lip, we ask her to open the lips a bit apart. Then stretch this part of skin with your hands. and draw the line to the inner corner of the lip. We should stretch the the skin a little for the lower lip too. so you can see better where to draw the line. exactly from 0.5 cm down. start drawing in the middle. once you've put the middle line, then continue drawing to the sides. one important point in this item is that the distance from the inner part of the lip to where we put the line is lighter in colour. you better pick a bit darker colour when drawing the outer line. so it will look the same colour as the lips. and pick a lighter colour for the inner part. cause we don't like this middle line to appear from under the lip after a while. first complete the line around the lips. draw the line around lip in a back and forth direction. We use a 3-needle for plumping the lips. so we are able to thoroughly fill the space between the lips. If we pick a thin needle, it can't be done well. Dear pals, we've put the line around lips once. We renewed the anaesthesia for her lips. we're about to begin the second phase by working on the area between the lip lines we have put. This time we move the hand in a way to make loops.

Tiny loops next to each other. Dear pals, in the last step, when we have covered the total area by drawing the loops. now we start drawing curved lines inwards on the lower lip from each corner. that's because we want to make it fuller in the corners so the lip will look more raised upwards. Dear pals, we are here with plumping the lips by micro-pigmentation. in the final step, to give the lip a colour shock in order to enhance the lip's affinity to colour. it's enough to massage some leftover dye thoroughly on the lip. let it stay on the lip for 5 minutes, then remove it all. one hour after the treatment, you must apply the necessary lip cream. use anti cold sore cream and vitamin A cream for a week. Don't make your lips wet for 3 days. after 3 days, you can carefully rinse your lip. and also cleanse the lips properly before applying each cream. I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. See you later till the next time.

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