Easy Face Makeup

In this brief tutorial, you’ll see a makeup application on a model. This video is provided by Matin Royan Cosmetic Academy.


Before anything, we have to apply the primer to the face and fade it thoroughly. Next, we apply a suitable foundation, based on the color of the client’s face, across the face and neck. In the next step, we apply contouring techniques using shadowing and highlighting.

To extend the lifespan of our eye makeup, you can use primers specifically designed for the eyes. Next, we apply eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara in this order. You can use an eyebrow pen to work on the eyebrows.

We apply lipstick and blusher on the lips and cheeks, as a final touch. To join our classes at Matin Royan Cosmetic Academy, please contact us using the numbers provided in the description below.

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